10 Beach Fashion Tips To Style With Summer Jewelry

10 Beach Fashion Tips To Style With Summer Jewelry

There’s no denying that summer is the perfect season to go to the beach and enjoy the sunny weather. There is no doubt that summer is the perfect time to show off your beach fashion and summer jewelry. You are sure to stand out without a doubt with the right summer jewelry and beach-wear. 

However, it is important to be careful when wearing your summer jewelry at the beach, as your sterling silver jewelry might be exposed to abrasive environments like the sand and saltwater. 

Today we will be looking into the types of classic beach-ready sterling silver jewelry you should wear as well as silver jewelry care tips before you hit the beach.

Five Classic Summer Jewelry Pieces to Wear

1. Sterling Silver Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are considered an underrated jewelry trend, which makes them the perfect summer jewelry you should go for when rocking your summer fashion look. With sterling silver anklets, you will have the fantastic finishing touches to complete your beach fashion. Sterling silver ankle bracelets are fierce, fun and an absolutely must-have addition for your summer jewelry for the beach.



2. Layer Your Sterling Silver Necklaces

Another must-have jewelry trend that is beach-ready is the layered necklace look. Your layered necklace look can consist of short choker necklaces and even long pendant necklaces, the combination of  two or more different necklace lengths. Try layering your sterling silver necklaces with a plain t-shirt for a simplistic yet stylish look that will make you stand out at the beach. Get the silver necklace which encrusted with stones for extra sparkles when the sun shines on it, definitely attracts all the attention at the beach. 


Learn more about how to choose necklace length with us here. In this necklace length guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge on the types of necklace lengths for women and men and how to determine necklace length that best suit you with consideration of your face shape, height and neck measurement. 

Read to find out now 👉 Five Ways To Choose Perfect Necklace Size



3. Statement Necklaces

Summer jewelry is all about making a personal and fashionable statement. What better way to up your beach fashion game like going for bold and beautiful statement necklaces with your beach wear? 

Sterling silver statement necklaces are an expressive way to complete your beach wear, as they complement your outfit stylishly. Whether it’s nature-themed or unique geometric shapes, you are certain that a bold and lovely sterling silver necklace is what you need to be beach-ready.



4. Sparkle with Gemstones Jewelry 

Summer is the perfect season to try out different colors for a bold and stylish look. One of the summer jewelry must-haves is gemstone jewelry. Sparkly gemstones like cubic zirconia are enough to accentuate a dazzling look to your beachwear. You can go for dainty sterling silver rings or sterling silver pendant necklace that sprinkled with cubic zirconia to make a subtle yet gorgeous beach-ready style.



5. Go for Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are another beach-fashion necessity, they are trendy, easy to wear and will effortlessly accentuate your figure. For instance, you could style yourself with our Petite Heart Bracelet that is crafted in 925 sterling silver and paved with AAA cubic zirconia. Our bracelet will definitely sparks and shines brightly under the sun as you move your wrist, attracting the attentions of others. 

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Summer Jewelry Care Tips at the Beach 

1. Don’t Apply Lotion When Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of the first things you’d do when you go to the beach is to apply your lotion or your sunscreen. However, you should always take off your sterling silver jewelry before you apply anything on your skin. 

This is because lotion and sunscreens contain chemicals that may cause a chemical reaction when moisture (like sweat) is caught between your summer jewelry. This chemical reaction will cause discoloration and will cause your sterling silver jewelry to leave a green tint on your skin.


Find out more about how does sterling silver turn your finger green here, which you will be told on the why and what that causing jewelry made of sterling silver change color. 

Read now to know more 👉 Everything You Need To Know: Does Sterling Silver Turn Your Skin Green



2. Sand is Abrasive to Sterling Silver Jewelry

Remember that sand consists of silica that is rough in texture and can be rather abrasive and degrading to certain softer jewelry metals. For instance, if you are wearing diamond jewelry, sand will not have that much harmful effect towards diamonds. However, if you are wearing softer jewelry gemstones like citrine or cubic zirconia, sand can be quite harmful towards cubic zirconia jewelry. 

The same logic applies to hard and pure jewelry metals like solid gold and solid silver, as they are sturdy enough to be unaffected by the harsh nature of sand. However, you would need to be extra careful if you are wearing other types of jewelry such as gold plated jewelry, brass jewelry or even sterling silver jewelry at the beach. Nevertheless, sand will still hurt the surface of jewelry regardless their source of materials. 


3. Don’t Wear Jewelry Rings into the Sea

Another thing you should avoid is wearing any expensive jewelry rings (like your silver engagement rings) at the beach, especially if you’re planning to go swimming at sea. 

This is because your fingers will shrink in the salty cold ocean water, and this could lead to the jewelry rings you’re currently wearing to fall off. Once you lose your silver rings at sea, you will never find them again.

This is why you should avoid wearing jewelry rings at the beach. Other silver jewelry like silver bracelets and silver pendant necklaces are fine because they won’t come off as easily. But the cleaning process after wearing them have to be done immediately and carefully to prevent the chemicals or moisture from damaging the jewelry surface. 


4. Store Your Jewelry in a Travel Jewelry Case

If you love showing off by wearing your summer jewelry to the beach; but want to be extra careful not to lose or ruin them, you should consider bringing along a travel jewelry case so that you can store your sterling silver jewelry and other summer jewelry pieces. 

Travel jewelry cases feature several compartments where you can store your silver pendant necklaces, bangle bracelets, and even cubic zirconia stud earrings. You’ll be sure that if you store all your beach jewelry in a jewelry case, you won’t have to worry about ruining or losing your silver jewelry.


Find out more about the different types of jewelry storage organizers here. There are varieties of jewelry storage solutions that you could choose from in the market or to make a jewelry organizer yourself. 

Find some jewelry organizer box inspiration now 👉 7 Types of Jewelry Storage Organizers You Need



5. Clean Your Sterling Silver Jewelry 

The most crucial thing to remember is that when you return from the beach, you must thoroughly clean your sterling silver jewelry. Using a moist cotton cloth, clean the area.

Make sure to clean your summer jewelry each time you come back from a day at the beach. While it can be tempting to skip the cleaning process, caring for your sterling silver jewelry can ensure they stay in pristine condition for many years to come.


Check out our article now 👉 How To Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry 

You will learn how to clean sterling silver at home here and also to know what are the available home remedies for cleaning sterling silver jewelry that could also be used to clean tarnished sterling silver. 



Overall, it is easy to go overboard when you want to flaunt your summer jewelry and outfit at the beach. But it is important to take precautionary steps to prevent losing your precious silver jewelry at the beach. 

If you’re looking for a little sparkly summer jewelry, check out our wide selection of sterling silver jewelry at Eleganzia Jewelry today. You are sure to be wowed by your gorgeous sterling silver jewelry pieces that will complement your outfit and your personality. Shop based on different collections now! 

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