Jewelry Care 101: Tips Every Silver Jewelry Lover Must Know

Jewelry Care 101: Tips Every Silver Jewelry Lover Must Know

There is no denying that jewelry has become a precious staple to our everyday wear. Sterling silver jewelry adds a finishing touch of elegance and style to our outfit. However, with fine silver jewelry comes great responsibility.

Here are a few questions for you:

  1. How often do you wear your silver jewelry to sleep?
  2. Have you ever worn your silver ring with you when you go into a swimming pool or a hot tub?

We understand that it can be easy to forget removing sterling silver jewelry before taking part in these daily activities; however, constantly wearing jewelry with you may lead to regrets in the long run.

Often wearing of jewelry can lead to the damaging of your jewelry as well as potential risks to your health, especially if you have skin allergies or have sensitive skin. This is why today we will be looking into some of the do’s and don’ts that every sterling silver jewelry lover should know about.

The Do’s

1. Store your sterling silver jewelry properly

One of the most important sterling silver jewelry care tips every jewelry lover should know is to always store your silver jewelry in somewhere that is cool and dry. Sterling silver jewelry is prone to be damaged easily without proper care and storage.

This is why you should always store your silver jewelry pieces in somewhere that is airtight to reduce the tarnishing process. If you are looking for a jewelry storage organizer to store your silver jewelry properly, you can opt for a jewelry travel case or a jewelry box for necklaces.



If you want to learn the tips and guides on how to store and organize your sterling silver jewelry properly that save you from hassle and frustration in future, you can read this article here



2. Clean sterling silver jewelry regularly

Another crucial jewelry care tip every jewelry lover should know is to make sure that you clean sterling silver jewelry on a regular basis. Without proper cleaning and caring, this may lead to your silver jewelry to tarnish easily.




For more great tips on how to clean and care for your sterling silver jewelry, inclusive the types of home remedies for cleaning sterling silver jewelry, you can read our guide here.


3. Always remove your jewelry before sleeping

While this may not sound as serious as one is less likely to damage their jewelry pieces in their sleep, there is still the possibility of your favorite cubic zirconia ring catching on the blankets or weakening its ring prongs. There is also a higher risk of accidentally scratching yourself in your sleep.


The Don'ts

1. Expose your silver jewelry to chemical products

While it’s a daily routine for us to wear skin lotion before going out, however, you should never expose your jewelry pieces to such chemical products. Products like skincare products and food products may contain harmful chemicals and sulfur that will cause your sterling silver jewelry to tarnish faster.

You can learn more about how skin products causes your sterling silver jewelry to tarnish here.


2. Exercise while wearing silver jewelry

While some of us may like going outdoors and exercise while wearing your favorite silver pendant necklace, this may lead to jewelry related injuries such as accidentally scratching yourself or someone else when exercising. Additionally, when you exercise or work out, you are bound to sweat and sweat is one of the main factors that led to sterling silver jewelry to tarnish sooner.

3. Wear your jewelry into water

One of the best ways to preserve and enhance the lifespan of your silver jewelry is to avoid wearing them into water. For instance, you should always remove your silver ring before washing your hands or before taking a dip in the swimming pool. Pool water often contains chemicals like chlorine that will damage your silver jewelry. Exposing your jewelry into water can cause your fingers to shrink and your jewelry ring to fall out.


Overall, proper care and regular maintenance are a must for every jewelry lover. With great care, you will find that you can prolong the lifespan of your sterling silver jewelry for a long time and keep them in excellent condition.

Now that you have learned about the do’s and don’ts of how to care for jewelry, you can now shop your silver jewelry with confidence. Try out Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver jewelry and find your new stylish look today.


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