3 Tips for Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry for Children

3 Tips for Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry for Children

There will be times when you need to dress your child up for fancy events or reward them with a beautiful jewelry piece to celebrate happy occasions. There is nothing more heartwarming than the sight of your child brimming with energy and excitement when they unwrap a present. Not to mention, jewelry and accessories make fantastic and meaningful gifts for your child.

Choosing jewelry for children can be a bit of a challenge since they are drawn to anything that is whimsical and colorful. When buying jewelry gifts for your children, you should also consider what they like and what they feel comfortable with. Here are a few ways you can learn how to choose and buy jewelry for children: -

Always Choose Hypoallergenic Jewelry

First things first, you should go for hypoallergenic nickel free jewelry. Nickel allergy is common for people with sensitive skin and these symptoms can vary from itchy skin, skin inflammation, to even flaky skin.

Getting pierced ears as children is quite a common practice, but you need to be careful when choosing a pair of small stud earrings for your child. For instance, if you give your child a pair of silver plated stud earrings, they may have an allergic reaction to the nickel content found within the earrings.

To avoid any jewelry allergies from happening, familiarize yourself with the different types of hypoallergenic jewelry metals to prevent your child from having any unpleasant allergic reaction towards low quality jewelry. Check if the jewelry piece you’re choosing for your child is hypoallergenic, such as sterling silver, stainless steel and even titanium.

With so many jewelry metals to choose from, it is important to know about the different types of nickel free jewelry and nickel jewelry. You can learn more about hypoallergenic jewelry here: -

Go for a Simple Jewelry Design

Buying jewelry for kids is quite similar to buying jewelry for adults, so always take their lifestyles and fashion sense into consideration. For instance, if your kid is someone who’s more sporty, you could give them simple jewelry that will not get in their way like a pair of dainty stud earrings or leather or rubber bracelets.

Furthermore, you should think about how responsible your child is. Remember that accidents can happen and your child may end up misplacing their accessories. So you should limit the jewelry and accessories to be worn on special occasions. Therefore, you should go for jewelry with simple designs, here are a few of our handpicked sterling silver jewelry gifts for kids you can consider: -

Plain Beaded Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

If you’re choosing jewelry for kids, you can never go wrong with bead rings. Our Plain Beaded Sterling Silver Stackable Rings features a beaded texture that is sure to make a chic fashion statement. You can mix and match this silver ring with your other dainty rings for a trendy ring stack.

CZ Flower Sterling Silver Stackable Ring

If your child loves flowers, then our CZ Flower Sterling Silver Stackable Ring is just perfect for them. Inspired by a blooming flower, this silver stacking ring is a unique accessory that will capture the heart of all who see them and a must-have for your jewelry collection.

Love Heart Initial Necklace Silver, 26 Alphabets

A timeless heart necklace with a personalized and expressive twist. Adorned in cubic zirconia, this brilliant Love Heart Initial Necklace Silver, 26 Alphabets features all the 26 alphabet letters that will make you stand out in the crowd. Wear your favorite initials proudly with this dainty heart necklace with initials for a look that is truly you.

CZ Cross Necklaces For Girls Sterling Silver

A modern take of the classical cross necklace, our CZ Cross Necklaces For Girls Sterling Silver makes an elegant inspirational jewelry to wear. Featuring a cubic zirconia jeweled cross pendant laying over a silver necklace chain, this cross necklace for girls will perfectly display your faith and style.

Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings CZ Stud Earrings

Add a dazzling touch to your style with these beautiful Sterling Silver Snowflake Earrings CZ Stud Earrings. Ornamented with cubic zirconia stones, these stud earrings are the perfect ear jewelry for the holidays and all year worn. Add a touch of sparkle to the upcoming holiday season with these gorgeous small earrings.

Dazzling CZ Butterfly Earrings Studs Sterling Silver

Butterflies are a symbol of beauty and transformation. These radiant Dazzling CZ Butterfly Earrings Studs Sterling Silver are simple yet will look mesmerizing on you. This pair of CZ stud earrings will make you radiate style and sophistication for your outfit.

Consider the Occasion

Children tend to feel more grown up and sophisticated when they start wearing jewelry. If you have children who love accessorizing, jewelry is an excellent gift choice for them. When it comes to giving presents to your child, you should also consider when you plan to surprise them.

If it’s special occasions like their birthdays or the holidays, then it will certainly make their unwrapping experience all the more precious and they will cherish the jewelry gift you have given them.

In other cases, you can also give jewelry gifts for your child to celebrate milestones in their spiritual journey. It is suitable to give your child a gift that celebrates their faith and represents their spiritual growth.

From cross necklaces to Star of David necklaces to even hamsa hand necklaces, there are so many options to choose from. Gifting your child a fine piece of spiritual jewelry will make them feel belonged and part of a greater community.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to buy sterling silver jewelry gifts for your kids, we hope that this will give you a better insight on knowing what to choose next time you go jewelry shopping. Remember: money can’t buy happiness, but it can bring out the creativity and joy of a child’s soul.

For more hypoallergenic and stylish accessories fashion, browse our Gifts for Kids jewelry collection today. Your child is one of a kind, so it’s fitting to find something that perfectly reflects your child’s style and personality.

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