4 Popular Engagement Ring Designs That You’ll Love

4 Popular Engagement Ring Designs That You’ll Love

Getting engaged is a step most people take once they decide to take their relationship to the next level, as people see it as a timeless ritual representing love, commitment and loyalty. When people choose to take their relationship to the next level, it means that an engagement ring is essential!

Engagement rings are seen as a symbol of love, tying two people together by the love and commitment they have for each other. If you and your partner decide that you’re ready to move forward and get married, you may want to consider ring styles you both love. After all, you’re wearing these rings for the rest of your lives!

Now, let us dive into the 4 most popular engagement ring styles you’ll just LOVE!

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are a classic style that has withstood the test of time. This popular engagement ring style is named aptly after its single gemstone in its design. In solitaire ring, the gemstone is mounted onto a simple ring band, usually with prong settings.

For those that prefer a more traditional style, a solitaire ring is just what you need. Our Simple Classic Engagement Signet Ring Men is a solid choice from our sterling silver jewelry collection.

Pavé Set Rings

Pavé set rings are another gorgeous yet classic style for engagement rings. Similar to eternity rings, smaller gemstones are embedded into the band of the ring, with pavé set rings having a larger gemstone mounted as the centerpiece of this jewelry ring.

Pavé set rings are shiny. And we do mean SHINY. The smaller gemstones catch and reflect light, attracting attention to the larger stone in the middle.

If you’re a huge fan of shiny, sparkly jewelry, Eleganzia Jewelry’s Minimalist Engagement Ring Silver may just be what you’re looking for in an engagement ring.

Channel Set Rings

Channel Set rings are very similar to pavé set rings. However, while the smaller gemstones in pavé set rings are held together by prongs, channel set rings are instead placed in a groove or channel, hence the name, in a row on the ring.

Generally, channel set rings offer more security than pavé rings, but they aren’t as shiny. If you prefer a subtle dazzle instead, channel set rings might be just the style for you.

Check out Eleganzia Jewelry’s CZ Marry Me Engagement Ring if you’re a fan of sterling silver channel band rings.

Halo Rings

Another popular type of engagement ring is the Halo ring. The Halo ring gets its name from the halo of smaller gemstones surrounding the larger, center gemstone. The smaller gemstones tend to reflect light onto the center gemstone, giving it a sparkling, dazzling effect and making the center gem look larger.

If the Halo Ring is tugging on your heartstrings, check out Eleganzia Jewelry’s halo rings here: Amethyst Engagement Halo Ring and Infinity Twist CZ Halo Engagement Ring 👇


Once you say “Yes!” to your significant other’s proposal, your engagement rings will bind the both of you together for life. Browse our sterling silver couples rings collection and find something both you and your significant other will love today at Eleganzia Jewelry.

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