4 Types of Couples Rings to Give as Anniversary Gifts

4 Types of Couples Rings to Give as Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary rings symbolize a milestone in marriages, and it’s usually gifted on wedding anniversaries. This ring is usually worn stacked together with your wedding band and engagement ring.

Why Give Anniversary Bands?

Giving an anniversary ring is the perfect display of constant love and affection for your significant other, and it is often seen as a way to celebrate your commitment to each other.

If you’re not quite sure what type of couples rings you should choose as anniversary gifts, here are four types of couples rings designs you can consider: -

Eternity Rings

Traditionally, eternity rings are given on the first anniversary to celebrate your commitment to each other, and that the love and vows sworn on your wedding day will last forever. However, eternity rings are now given on relationship milestones. Whether it’s the birth of your first child, or to mark an important event in your life together.

Eleganzia Jewelry’s eternity couple rings set feature a pair of polished silver ring bands that are paved with double rows AAA cubic zirconia gemstones. These matching couple rings make stylish anniversary rings that can be worn daily for any occasion.

Double CZ Eternity Ring

Learn more about eternity rings here.

Infinity Rings

The infinity symbol represents eternity and the never-ending bond between two souls. Infinity rings are often given as a love token representative of the profession of an undying love.

This Infinity Love Knot Silver Couple Rings combines the iconic symbol of eternity with matching couples rings, this would give the matching rings an even greater and grander aesthetic appeal as an anniversary gift.

If you want to learn more about infinity jewelry, check out our article here.

Fall In Love With Our Infinity Jewelry

Matching Rings

If you and your partner love to match, why not get matching couple rings for them and yourself? No matter how far or near you are, matching couple rings will remind your partner and you of the special connection you share.

Give your significant other the royal treatment for your anniversary with our matching crown couple rings set. This pair of matching rings feature a silver ring band with a crown motif, and it is paved with cubic zirconia gemstones, giving it the sparkle you deserve.

Contrasting Rings

Not a fan of matching rings? Then try contrasting rings! Contrasting rings are rings with different designs, yet still complement each other. Anniversary rings like this often represent a couple that are complete opposites of each other, but love each other despite their differences.

Our Endless Love Contrasting Couple Rings Set feature a bejeweled heart on a thin sterling silver band, while the other ring features a polished ring band with the words “Endless Love” engraved on it, along with an open heart outline in the center

Endless Love CZ Couples Promise Rings

Anniversary rings are symbols of love, commitment and everlasting love to your significant other. Go forth and celebrate your commitment to each other in a stylish way!

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