5 Hidden Promise Rings Meanings You Need to Know

5 Hidden Promise Rings Meanings You Need to Know

Giving your significant other a promise ring is the most romantic way to declare your love and make a mutual promise to your significant other that you will both be faithful to one another. If you and your significant other are in a loving relationship and both of you are ready to make the next big step to one another, read on and find out if promise rings are right for you.

What are Promise Rings?

A promise ring is a jewelry ring that is often worn and given from one person to another in a romantic relationship. Promise rings are worn by couples as a way to signify their love and loyalty for one another.

What are Promise Rings Used for?

Most of us have heard or have known about the tradition of wearing their engagement rings and wedding rings with their spouse. However, what most people do not know is that promise rings are the first commitment rings to commemorate any romantic relationships. Promise rings are beyond a beautiful jewelry piece, they actually embody the eternal faithfulness between two people.

What do Promise Rings Symbolize?

When it comes to understanding the true meaning behind promise rings, there are various interpretations for what it means to give and wear these commitment rings. Here are some of the most common meanings behind giving promise rings: -

● A Symbol of Eternal Love Between Lovers

A promise ring is generally viewed as a symbol and promise of love. These commitment rings often represent the love and affection a person feels towards another, and are often given and worn by lovers.

● A Symbol of Hope & Unity

Promise rings also represent hope, as they reflect a couple’s wish for a brighter future together. Some couples would wear their promise rings in hopes that they can one day officially cement their relationship into a lifetime of love.

Promise rings represent a state of unity between the couple. When two people exchange their commitment rings, this signifies that they would always be by each other’s side and that this relationship will strengthen through times of happiness and distress.

● A Symbol of Commitment

Another symbolic meaning behind promise rings is that it embodies the mutual commitment between two people who love one another in their relationship. Couples promise rings represent the promise made by two lovers that they will always do their best for the other person, regardless of what obstacles they may face in life.

Promise rings are also known as purity rings, and they symbolize a person taking a pledge of abstinence. Some people wear promise rings as a way to make a committed promise to various things, such as: commitment to their faith, goals and even a pledge to overcome a bad habit.

● A Symbol of Trust & Loyalty

Promise rings represent the mutual trust and loyalty between two loving people and the faith they have for one another. This trust is built on the belief that both parties will go to any length to maintain the connection stable and secure.

When two people who love each other wear matching couple promise rings, this serves as their never-ending loyalty to one another. These couple rings guarantee that both individuals will think and act in the best interests of the other.

● A Symbol of Everlasting Love

Promise rings are not just meant for lovers. Did you know that friends can also wear and exchange promise rings too? When friends exchange best friends promise rings, it is a way of signifying that their friendship is eternal. Promise rings can also be given by a parent to a child as a way of telling their child that a parent’s love for their child is forever.

To conclude, promise rings are a wonderful yet subtle way to express one’s love and commitment to their significant other. These relationship promise rings also make stylish gifts for lovers who want to express the deep sense of feelings and love without being bound by tradition.

Available in many options, Eleganzia Jewelry offers a range of beautiful sterling silver promise rings that would represent the love you share with your significant other. Browse our promise rings collection and find something stunning today.

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