6 Amazing Facts About Amethyst You Need to Know

6 Amazing Facts About Amethyst You Need to Know

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, amethyst is one of the most beautiful and iconic gemstones there is. Best known for its vivid colors, this gemstone looks extremely radiant when integrated in jewelry designs. If you’re curious to learn more about amethyst, here are a few interesting facts you need to know about this gemstone: -

The Official Birthstone of February

Birthstone jewelry has been a timeless jewelry gift for a long time. Not only are they dazzling gemstone jewelry, but they also double as a meaningful and special gift to give and receive. Amethyst is considered the official birthstone of February, and is known as one of the most romantic gemstones there is. Whether it’s deep rich purple or pale lilac hues, you cannot deny that amethyst captivates the beauty and essence of the month of love.

It is Part of the Quartz Family

Interesting fact of the day: Did you know that amethyst is a type of quartz? Quartz is the second most widely available mineral on earth, which makes them popularly used in producing items like glass, ceramics and more. Although unlike other quartz gemstones, amethyst has been primarily used in jewelry making or as a decorative dating back to ancient Egypt.

Infamous for Its Beautiful Colors

Unlike most precious and semi-precious gemstones that are known for its weight, amethyst is best known for its vibrant colors. While other gemstones also share the similar deep violet hues, amethyst truly stands out with its distinctive beauty. The shade of this purple gemstone can range from light lilac to rich and luxurious purple, some may also have blue or reddish undertones as well!

Amethyst Has Many Healing Properties

Besides being aesthetically attractive, amethyst gemstones actually have many healing properties too. It is mainly believed that amethyst has spiritual qualities such as promoting calm and peaceful sleep. Many people also believe that having an amethyst when you meditate may help them to focus on their goals.

It is a Fairly Durable Gemstone

One of the important things you should know when buying and wearing gemstone jewelry is that certain gemstones are more fragile and prone to damage than others. This is why you should choose durable and sturdy gemstone jewelry so that they won’t break easily.

A gemstone’s durability can range from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest) in terms of Mohs scale of hardness. In terms of durability, amethyst is considered a fairly durable gemstone with a Mohs hardness of 7. Thanks to its hardness, this gemstone can be cut in various shapes and is very versatile in jewelry making.

The Symbolism of Giving Amethyst Jewelry as Gift

Amethyst jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for someone who is moving away or starting anew, such as going to college or starting a new job. Amethyst gemstone is said to be a talisman of protection against deceit and harm, which makes them a meaningful gift for your loved ones as an inspirational jewelry.

When they wear amethyst, they will always make sure to stay on the right path and be spared from those with ill intentions against them. It is never easy to venture on a new life, but wearing amethyst jewelry can help remind your loved ones to be careful with their decision making.

Overall, it is hard to deny that amethyst is a beloved gemstone for many reasons. Durable, affordable, and extremely stunning when used in jewelry designs, amethyst jewelry makes a glamorous gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for romantic Valentines jewelry to sweep your loved one off their feet or even looking for a stylish accessory for yourself, amethyst is a fantastic choice.

If you’re looking for some amethyst jewelry for your collection, here are two of Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver rings you may like: -

Amethyst Love Hug Ring Sterling Silver Adjustable

There is nothing better like receiving a warm hug when you’re feeling down. Designed with these words in mind, this amethyst hug adjustable ring is the perfect way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. Featuring an adjustable sterling silver ring band and an inlaid dainty amethyst, this minimalist ring resembles an embrace and reminds you to always love yourself unconditionally.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Vintage Halo Ring Silver

If you’re looking for a romantic ring for your significant other, you can surprise them with this gorgeous vintage-inspired amethyst ring. Featuring a radiant amethyst in a halo setting with dainty cubic zirconia detailing, this sparkly sterling silver ring is a chic way to profess your feelings and keep the romance alive.

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