Fabulous Jewelry Trends You Need to Try This Spring

Fabulous Jewelry Trends You Need to Try This Spring

Spring is in full bloom and a brilliant time to enjoy nature and refresh your spring wardrobe. If you are looking to catch up with all the latest fashion trends for Spring Fever, here are 6 fabulous jewelry trends you wouldn't want to miss out: -

Floral Fashion

When you think of spring, one of the first things that comes into mind is the sight of blooming flowers and beautiful greenery. Nature-inspired jewelry is another fashion trend that has gained traction over recent years. These floral themed accessories make a radiant statement piece fit for any fashionista that adds a touch of beauty when you pair them with other jewelry pieces.

If you are looking for floral themed stud earrings to glam up your spring attire, our Three Petal Flower CZ Stud Earrings Sterling Silver makes a trendy accessory to wear. These dainty sterling silver stud earrings feature a three-petal flower design embellished with tiny cubic zirconia gemstones.

Pearly Perfection

A timeless and popular choice for many jewelry lovers, pearls are fitting for every season including spring. Available in different colors, designs and shades, pearl themed jewelry make flexible accessories that complement different styles. Whether it’s a pair of pearl stud earrings or a pearl bracelet, these gemstone jewelry have a gentle way of adding modern sophistication to any outfit you wear.

Silver Sophistication

If you’re not a big fan of gold, then good news for you! Silver jewelry is here to stay. While gold may have reigned supreme, silver has gained a recent popularity for many jewelry lovers. Monochromic and hypoallergenic, silver jewelry is a flexible piece of accessory that goes well with any outfit you wear on any occasion.

One of the greatest parts of silver is that they have a classic yet neutral metal that looks fantastic on everyone. It makes an excellent choice if you prefer a more subtle and minimalist finishing touch. You can also pair silver jewelry with other metals like rose gold for a radiant look.

With so many silver jewelry designs out there, not all of them are genuine silver. Read here and learn about the different types of silver alloys used in making jewelry:

Add a Brooch or Two

Another fashion trend you should look out for this spring are brooches. Brooches are decorative jewelry pieces that are designed to be worn on clothing like the collar or a shirt or a blazer’s lapel. These accessories are made of metals like gold or silver and feature a pin or clasp on the back that allows them to be attached to clothing.

While brooches can work standalone, you could also match them with your jewelry pieces like a bold pair of earrings or dainty stacking rings for a glamorous finishing touch. You can wear your brooches with casual outfits or with a leather or denim jacket for a more refined style.

Enchant with Dangling Earrings

If you need something to dazzle your spring wardrobe, try on a long pair of dangling earrings to highlight your skin tone and face. Not to mention a pair of earrings will make you look elegant and eye-catching. Long dangle earrings that hang below your shoulders are the perfect statement jewelry for this season. From chandelier earrings to chain tassel earrings to even large hoop earrings, these ear jewelry will make you look put-together and stylish.

Sparkle with Cubic Zirconia

Sparkly gemstones like cubic zirconia are another fantastic fashion trend you should try for this spring season, as they add a touch of dazzle and will make any outfit you wear shine. These clear and crystal-like gemstones have a way of evoking feelings of freshness and brilliant new beginnings, making them a chic accessory fashion for spring time.

Cubic zirconia are available in different colors and can be set in various materials, ranging from gold to silver to even other metal alloys. Not only are these gemstones stunning to look at but they are also a more affordable alternative to expensive gemstones like diamonds. From bejeweled pendant necklaces, earrings, fashion rings or even bracelets, these gemstone jewelry are sure to make you glow with sophistication.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tell apart diamonds from cubic zirconia? Find out here!

From sleek silver jewelry to brooches, you can guarantee that the options to wear your fashion jewelry this spring season are endless. Let your inner fashionista bloom with the season, and what better way to express yourself than with your accessories? For more beautiful accessories, browse our sterling silver spring jewelry collection today at Eleganzia Jewelry to make a stylish impression.

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