Weaves and Wonders: 6 Beautiful Necklace Chain Styles You’ll Love

Weaves and Wonders: 6 Beautiful Necklace Chain Styles You’ll Love

No jewelry collection is ever complete with a simple and flexible necklace chain that can be worn by itself or paired with your favorite pendants. If you are new to wearing jewelry or are simply looking to add new additions to your existing collection, you have a lot of options to choose from when you look for a new necklace.

There are multiple factors to consider when you shop for a necklace: like the length, weight, and the chain style. With many types of chain link necklaces out there, familiarizing yourself with these necklaces will help you make a better-informed decision. Learn more about these six different types of chains used in jewelry making: -

Satellite Chain

If you are someone who wants your necklace or bracelet to draw attention, look no further than a satellite chain. Otherwise known as Saturn chains or bobble chains, this type of chain jewelry features beaded links that are fixed in place at regular intervals along the chain. These beaded links can range from circular, cubed to even oval and resemble tiny orbiting satellites floating over the chain.

Lightweight and timeless, this type of necklace chain gives a touch of shimmer that will enhance your outfit from day to night. Perfect for layering, this type of jewelry chain creates a unique, light, and casual look without the need to add a pendant. This type of chain jewelry is best worn as a standalone.

Anchor Chain

If sturdy and shiny necklaces are your favored necklace chains, the Anchor Chain is a remarkable fit for you. This chain necklace features thick oval-shaped chain links with a metal bar in the middle that resembles marine anchor chains. While this type of necklace chain bears a close resemblance to mariner chains, anchor chain links are rounded instead of hammered flat and are locked together.

Anchor chains are lightweight and highly resistant to tangling, making them a stylish choice for daily wear. Anchor chains are best worn standalone without pendants. The delicate nature of Anchor chains is too wide to fit through most pendant bails.

Singapore Twist Chain

For a beautiful and elegant finishing touch, the Singapore Twist Chain makes a versatile accessory. Contrary to its name, Singapore twist chains are actually made in Italy. This type of jewelry chain features a series of flattened and interlinked links that have been intricately twisted to form its shape. The intricate twists in Singapore chains are what make them durable and perfect for layering.

Adjustable Chain

There are some days where your necklace length may differ depending on the outfit you have chosen that day. Luckily, adjustable necklace chains are here to save your day. An adjustable necklace chain allows you to slide the fastening along the length of the piece, enabling you to alter the chain to your liking.

The best part about adjustable necklace chains is that they are flexible accessories and allow you to mix and match your existing necklace collection. While certain necklace chains only flatter certain outfits, an adjustable chain will complement anything you wear.

Waterfall Chain

For the jewelry lover who loves layered necklaces, waterfall chain necklaces might be for you. This type of necklace features a multi-layered chain with different lengths of chain strands and is generally ornamented with gemstones or pearls. The lengths of the chains can vary and cascade in a layered or tiered fashion, hence creating a visually striking effect reminiscent of a waterfall's flowing streams.

A true statement piece that will enhance any outfit, this necklace chain is best for creating a soft and delicate fashion statement. Best worn as a standalone piece, this necklace goes well with both casual and formal attire.

Tennis Chain

Elegant yet dainty, a glittering tennis chain never fails to delight. This type of jewelry chain features a continuous line of dainty and closely set gemstones on top of the base metal connected by links. Each gemstone is inlaid on a metal setting lifted apart, hence creating several light corridors that make the gemstone shine brighter. Unlike bolder and more detailed chains, tennis chains pride themselves on their simplicity and are a classical choice for many jewelry lovers.

From bold anchor chains to bejeweled tennis chains, each jewelry chain has its unique traits and complements your fashion sense. The right necklace chain can make you look magnificent, it’s just about finding one that suits you most. If you’re looking for new pendants and necklaces for your collection, check out Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver necklaces today and find something gorgeous to shine your inner beauty.

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