Chains Unchained: 6 Necklace Types to Enhance Your Look

Chains Unchained: 6 Necklace Types to Enhance Your Look

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, nothing matches the flexibility and allure of necklace chains. Made of various intricate links of metals, chain necklaces have a way of flattering our attire and necklines.

With so many types of necklace chains out there, there’s a chain necklace design that fits every taste and occasion. Whether you’re a jewelry lover or someone curious about the art of necklaces, learn about these six dazzling types of necklace chains.

Byzantine Chain

For those who prefer a more luxurious necklace to make a fashion statement, Byzantine chain necklaces are just right for you. Inspired by artwork and architecture from the Byzantine Empire, this striking chain necklace features 4-in-1 links intersecting through four others.

Each chain link is made up of several round and curved links that makes this necklace chain thicker and more durable than other necklace chains. This necklace radiates an aura of ancient elegance to whoever wears it. Byzantine necklaces are best worn as a vocal piece on its own and do not pair well with pendants.

Mesh Chain

When it comes to sophisticated accessories, a mesh chain necklace will give you the fashion boost you need. Featuring flat, round and delicate mesh-like links, this chain necklace is infamous for its knit-like patterns around a spindle and has a detailed brick-like design. Ranging in different widths, mesh chain necklaces are flexible and will match your outfit of the day.

Herringbone Chain

If you’re looking for a necklace chain that adds dimension to your outfit, look no further than the Herringbone chain. Extravagant yet alluring, herringbone chain necklaces are infamous for its V-shaped interlocking links and its smooth texture. When you put on this chain, it will give you the illusion of a shimmering chain draping elegantly on your neckline.

This necklace chain has flat, short links that parallel to each other that resemble the skeleton of a herring fish. This chain necklace is sturdy and strong with its one-of-a-kind chain texture. Understated with a subtle shine, Herringbone necklaces make a gorgeous choice to later with other necklaces for an accented look.

Paperclip Link Chain

For the jewelry lover that’s fashion-forward and wants to try out something new, paperclip link chains have bloomed in popularity in recent years. Featuring alternating metal links that are round, oval or square-shaped, this stylish necklace chain is connected by flat and wide strips that resemble a chain of paperclips. Ranging in different styles, sizes and materials, paperclip-style necklaces will add interest and texture to your attire.

Cord Chain

Not all necklaces have to be made of metals, you can actually consider adding a cord necklace chain to your collection. Simple and versatile, cord necklace chains were a fashion staple among jewelry lovers in the 90s. Cord chains are available in different sizes and thickness and can be found in bracelets and necklaces.

These necklaces are known for its thin and interwoven cord-like links and will bring focus to your necklace pendants. Cord necklace chains are not only comfortable to wear, they also complement casual and formal events.

Lariat Chain

Necklaces layering is an ongoing trend that's not going out of style anytime soon. For those looking for a brand new necklace for your collection, lariat chain necklaces (also known as Y necklaces) would make a fresh and modern choice. This type of necklace is crafted from a single chain with a decorative drop at its end that resembles a Y-shape, like a T bar or a charm. Lariat necklaces have a way of flattering your neckline with its elongate design, and can be worn in different styles.

From extravagant Byzantine chains to classy Herringbone chains, each necklace chain has its own special traits and highlights your neckline. The right necklace chain can improve your fashion style and make you look unforgettable. If you’re looking for new pendants and necklaces for your collection, check out our sterling silver necklaces today and find something outstanding to shine your inner beauty.

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