6 Types of Everyday Jewelry to Upgrade Your Fashion Look

6 Types of Everyday Jewelry to Upgrade Your Fashion Look

Fashion accessories have an important impact on us, they reflect who we are and how we look. For some people, jewelry is like a part of them and is a way to show off their inner personality. No matter how busy your lifestyle is or what your fashion sense is, you should have an everyday jewelry piece with you each day.

Whether it’s a pair of stud earrings, a silver pendant necklace, or even a stylish stacking ring, these simple jewelry are like our fashion talismans. If you want a quick way to get ready for the day, you’ll need a capsule jewelry collection to complement your wardrobe.

Not quite sure where to begin? Here are 6 types of everyday jewelry you need to upgrade your fashion style: -

Stud Earrings

When looking for a jewelry piece that is both quick to wear and equally chic, a pair of stud earrings are always a failsafe choice. Stud earrings are a staple in any fashionista’s jewelry collection, you can wear them at any time without clashing with what you’re wearing.

From small and simple designs to bejeweled and bold designs, stud earrings are sure to make an elegant fashion statement with delicate sparkles. Fashionable and functional, you can assure that stud earrings are the best pick-me-up jewelry piece for your day-to-day accessory.


Silver Stud Earrings


Stacking Rings

If you’re new to choosing jewelry for daily wear, stackable rings are a good place to start. Simple and high-polished, stacking rings add a brilliant finishing touch to any outfit you wear while also making your nails look amazing. These simple rings are what you need to add a little extra fashion forward factor to your ensemble.


Bowtie Ribbon Sterling Silver Stackable Rings


Available in various designs, metals and gemstones, stacking rings can range from minimalist to exquisitely detailed. By integrating a few stackable rings into your everyday jewelry collection, you’ll have endless possibilities at how you wish to style with them.

You don’t have to wear all your stacking rings in a go, you can always start small with one or two simple rings for a classic look. Once you’ve found your own fashion sense, you can customize your look by mixing and matching your rings for a chic statement.


Sterling Silver Stackable Rings


Simple Necklaces

Everyone has that one favorite jewelry piece they always wear. If rings and earrings aren’t your thing, a necklace is a trusted staple fitting for an everyday look. Whether you prefer simple chain necklaces or pendant necklaces, these necklaces are a magnificent accessory you wouldn’t want to take it off.

Adjustable Silver Chains for Men

If you prefer a minimalist look, our sterling silver adjustable chain necklaces are just what you need. Featuring different lengths and a sturdy polo necklace chain, this sterling necklace chain pairs well with anything and gives a sophisticated aura to even the simplest outfits. You can choose to wear this everyday sterling silver chain necklace standalone or pair it with a necklace pendant.

Dainty Bracelets

There is always room for some stylish arm candy, and you’d be amazed how a simple bracelet can go a long way at elevating your look. If you’re a fan of showing off your lovely wrists, then dainty bracelets make a spectacular addition to your everyday jewelry essentials.

When it comes to jewelry you want to wear on a daily basis, choose a fashionable bracelet that reflects your style and be something that will (almost) never leave your wrist. Take our U Link Mix Chain Bracelet Silver for instance. This sterling silver linked bracelet would look so chic adorned around your wrist.


U Link Bracelet Mix Double Chain


This silver bracelet is both comfortable to wear while also providing a modern sophistication with its mixed linked chains. Whether you pair these simple silver bracelets with watches, wear them alone or even layered with other bracelets, these chain bracelets make a flawless fashion statement peeking out of your sleeves.

Statement Rings

While dainty stackable rings serve as one of the primary foundations of your everyday jewelry collection, there is no harm in adding an eye-popping statement ring into your wardrobe too. As its name suggests, a statement ring is a jewelry ring that is often bold, unique and more expressive than usual rings. You can find statement rings in a wide range of designs, these rings also make an excellent conversation starter!

Take our Chevron Ring Silver Adjustable for instance. This statement ring features an adjustable sterling silver ring band and a bold rhombus-like geometric design detailed with cubic zirconia stones. If you prefer a more minimalist jewelry to spice up your outfit of the day, this silver adjustable ring is a fantastic choice.

Chevron Ring

Personalized Jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing everyday, there is nothing wrong with adding a touch of personalization to your outfit of the day. Incorporating personal details into your outfit is part of what makes your fashion style unique on its own. Personalized jewelry can range from pendant necklaces to adjustable rings, and they will surely elevate your style in a subtle yet effortless way.

Whether you like to express your zodiac signs or wear your favorite initials as an accessory fashion, personalized jewelry makes a minimal yet versatile addition to your wardrobe. For more personalized jewelry pieces, browse our Initial Jewelry and Zodiac Jewelry collection today.


To conclude, jewelry and accessories play a big role in influencing one’s fashion style. Therefore, when you choose the right jewelry for your everyday outfit, you’ll be sure to look stylish and be comfortable with what you wear.

If you’re looking to start a simple everyday jewelry collection but not quite sure where to begin, read our guide here on how you should choose jewelry for daily wear.

Four Ways on How to Choose Everyday Jewelry

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