7 Stylish Jewelry Trends to Radiate Summer Vibes

7 Stylish Jewelry Trends to Radiate Summer Vibes

With summer in the air, it’s time to shed your usual outfits for something more suitable to match the warm weather. Summertime accessories aren’t limited to just floral sundresses, straw hats and open-toed sandals, you can always wear a piece of jewelry or two to match your wardrobe. Summer jewelry not only elevates your outfit, but also doubles as a reflection of the lively and happy ambience of the season.

Summer brings new beginnings and fresh jewelry trends to complement the sunny vibes. From classy pearls to colorful gemstones, here are our latest and hottest jewelry trends that will help you embrace the summer spirit: -


The natural beauty and sophistication of pearls are what makes them a classical (and seasonless) jewelry choice that’s a summer staple. Universally alluring and suitable for all ages, you cannot deny that pearls are appropriate for any occasion. Whether you’re dressed casually or formally, a pearl pendant necklace will radiate an aura of elegance to your attire.

Sun-kissed Sensation

Your summer style is not complete without the warm toned gold to complement the sunny weather. From chunky gold chain necklaces to delicate gold tennis bracelets, golden jewelry is sure to create a dynamic ensemble that embodies the spirit of summer. Match these warm-toned jewelry with bold prints and bright colors for a captivating statement.

Spell Out Your Signature Style

When it comes to personalized jewelry, accessories that feature monograms and initial letter designs are not going out of trend anytime soon. Nothing spells out a ‘This is Me!’ fashion statement like putting on an initial jewelry. Whether it’s a letter necklace or an initial ring stackable, these jewelry pieces are a meaningful way of expressing your sense of individuality all year long. You can also wear the initials of your loved ones, as a token of keeping them near to your heart all day.

Looking for a brand new initial necklace to match your summer wear? Let your personality shine through with our Cursive Letter Necklace Sterling Silver. Featuring 26 alphabet letters in a sophisticated cursive design, this minimalist silver necklace makes a stunning finishing touch and flatters anything you’re wearing.

Embrace Your True Colors

From oceanic blue to whimsical pink, brilliant and vibrant colors are set to shine your summer look. This summer is all about embracing your true colors, try incorporating colorful gemstone jewelry with your summer wardrobe for a happy and chic vibe. You can either stick to one color or experiment with various shades of colors. Not to mention, bright colors have a way of making neutral-tone clothes (like a crisp white blouse or a classical little black dress) pop exceptionally well!

Take A Shine on Silver

While gold is one of the most beloved jewelry choices in the fashion world, there has been a growing resurgence in silver jewelry in recent seasons. What’s not to love about silver jewelry? These cool-toned accessories have a way of subtly highlighting your attire without coming off as too flashy. Whether it’s a pair of dangling earrings or an eye-catching ankle bracelet, silver jewelry will make you look outstanding on any occasion.

Garden of Flowers

While nature inspired designs have been an evergreen fashion trend, floral inspired jewelry are gaining popular traction this summer. From delicate leafs to blooming flowers, these charming jewelry pieces are sure to add a touch of freshness and radiance to any ensemble. Accent your summer dress with a pair of flower stud earrings or a flower pendant necklace for a gorgeous ‘garden party’-ready vibe.

Minimalist Magnificence

Summertime is when the temperatures get warmer. So instead of choosing chunky heavy jewelry, why not switch out for something daintier instead? Delicate jewelry can help accentuate an outfit to look exceptionally fashionable. Beat the summer heat by just pulling your hair up and donning a dazzling pair of hoops or stud earrings. Whether it’s a chain anklet or simple necklaces, these minimalist jewelry pieces are a great way of incorporating textures to your outfit.

Summer is all about celebrating your individuality, expressing yourself and embracing the carefree spirit of the season. Shine your personal style and embrace the joy that comes wearing beautiful jewelry. Browse our sterling silver jewelry collection for more fantastic additions to your summer wardrobe at Eleganzia Jewelry.

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