7 Tips on Choosing Sterling Silver Necklace Chains

7 Tips on Choosing Sterling Silver Necklace Chains

What’s the simplest and most effortless way to add some charm to your outfit of the day without coming off as over-the-top? Putting on a chic silver chain necklace of course!

Although there is no wrong way of choosing a necklace chain, here are a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing your sterling silver necklace chain styles.

1. Consider the Types of Sterling Silver Necklace Chains

One of the most important aspects to consider when you are choosing a silver chain for necklace. Like any other jewelry, silver necklace chains come in different types.

Each necklace chain is made up of different chain links that can be either durable or get tangled up easily. Therefore, if you’re looking for a silver chain necklace to wear that will not get tangled up when you move, you would need to go through the options before buying one for yourself.

With so many chain necklaces to choose from, it can be difficult to make up your mind of finding the right sterling chain styles for yourself. You can learn more about different types of sterling silver necklace chain types here: -

2. The Length of the Silver Chain Necklaces

A sleek silver necklace can add flexibility and a touch of style to one’s appearance. This is why the chain length is another important deciding factor when you buy silver chains for necklaces. With many necklace styles and chain lengths to choose from, it can be tricky to find the right length that reflects your fashion style. The two measurement charts below shows the standard chain lengths for both men and women.


Besides the chain necklaces length, there are also other factors to take into consideration when you buy silver chains such as your height and facial shape. Learn more about how to choose the perfect necklace length for yourself here:

3. The Material of the Necklaces

When it comes to choosing a chain necklace for yourself, you should also consider the material of the jewelry necklace. Are you someone who prefers wearing bold gold chain necklaces? Or do you prefer wearing something more sleek like a sterling silver necklace chain instead?

While it is important to find a chain necklace that looks stylish on you, you should also be sure that you will not develop any skin allergic reaction to the necklace material. Therefore, you should stick with hypoallergenic jewelry necklaces instead to prevent any discomfort to your skin.

Read more about the different types of hypoallergenic jewelry here and find out which is the right jewelry material for you:

4. The Type of Necklace Clasp

Many necklaces and bracelets come with fasteners and clasps to keep the jewelry chain in place, and the clasp goes on the very end of the necklace. While the clasp may not seem as important, it’s the small details that make a big impact.

For instance, lobster clasps and spring ring clasps are the two most popularly used clasps in jewelry making. However, there are some big differences between these two clasps:-

  • A spring ring clasp

Uses a spring to open and close the necklace, this jewelry clasp is inexpensive and lightweight. The downside to this type of clasp is that it is hard to open and very fragile.

  • A lobster clasp

Slightly bigger and heavier than the spring ring clasp. This type of clasps feature a latch that can be pulled open to slip the chain into the other side of the clasp. The lobster clasp is very durable and easy to use, making it a beloved choice in jewelry making.

5. The Thickness of the Necklaces Chains

When you are wearing a silver necklace, you would prefer the necklace to compliment your outfit and draw attention to the beauty of your features without having the chain coming off as too bulky. This is why the thickness of necklaces chains should be an important factor when you buy silver chains for necklaces.

Chain necklaces that are too thin are prone to get tangled easily and at times they can even get tangled in a knot. If you have long hair, your hair may get caught in thin chains. To avoid such problems, avoid buying thin necklace chains and go for a sturdier chain necklace.

6. The Hollowness of the Chain Necklaces

Apart from being more affordable, necklaces with hollow chains have the advantage of being lightweight as compared to solid chain necklaces. Necklaces with hollow chains are not quite durable and the thin walls of the necklace links are prone to wear and tear.

Therefore, you should only consider buying hollow chain necklaces if you only intend to wear them occasionally instead of regularly. If you are planning to buy a hollow chain necklace, you need to be extra careful when wearing it. Pulling it or holding the chain too tightly with your fingers will stretch and break the chain links.

7. Will the Necklaces Catch on Your Clothes?

While your silver chain necklace should complement the outfit you have in mind, you should consider the material of the clothes to be sure that the chain necklaces you choose will not snag in your clothes. Put the necklace over your clothing and see if the necklace chain will catch the treads of the clothes fabric when you pull the necklace gently.

It is important for your sterling necklace chain to have a polished surface to avoid catching on the thread of your clothes. Additionally, by choosing a smooth silver chain necklace, you won’t be feeling skin irritation when the chain necklaces rub against your skin.

Necklace chains are a fantastic way to add some character to any outfit. When you’re looking for a necklace chain to complement your outfit, it is always important to make sure they match you. Now that you have learned what necklace chain style suits you, there’s no stopping you from finding the perfect sterling silver necklace chain for your jewelry collection.

The best part about wearing chain necklaces is that you can be creative and bold in accessorizing them to your heart’s content. Whether you layered your silver chain necklaces or wear them standalone, you are sure to look fashionable either way. For more minimalist necklaces, Eleganzia Jewelry offers a selection of sterling silver chain necklaces that are both adjustable and comfortable to wear.

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