8 Engagement Rings Trends You Need to Know in 2023

8 Engagement Rings Trends You Need to Know in 2023

Engagement bands are an ageless symbol of love and devotion a couple has for one another. In recent years, many couples have been choosing more contemporary and distinctive engagement rings as an alternative to the classical ring designs.

Each love story is different, and the engagement rings each couple chooses should reflect their unique and personal love stories as well. If you’re planning to pop the question to your significant question this year, here are some of the most popular engagement ring trends you should know about: -

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you can never go wrong with a solitaire ring. Solitaire engagement rings are fantastic for the woman who is classically stylish and beautiful. This type of engagement rings feature a single gemstone as its centerpiece that is as effortlessly elegant as her. This minimalist engagement ring choice may be simple in appearance, but it is a fitting choice if your significant other is someone who doesn’t wear jewelry all the time.

Eternity Rings as Engagement Rings

Wearing multiple rings on the same finger is a huge fashion trend right now. There’s no reason you can’t apply this trendy look to your engagement ring stack with an eternity ring. Eternity rings are traditionally given to and worn by married spouses to commemorate milestones in their relationship. These rings also represent everlasting love and loyalty between the lovers.

Eternity bands are iconic for their dainty designs and brilliant gemstone settings. If you want to match your engagement ring with a complimentary bling, eternity rings make a fantastic fit for you.

Romantic Rose Gold

If silver and yellow gold are not your style, you can always consider rose gold engagement rings. The delicate rose gold shade comes from an alloy of hold and copper and has gained popularity among jewelry lovers with each passing year. Its warm and romantic color will tell your significant other about your feelings and would surely make them swoon. Rose gold engagement rings are both modern and vintage in style that would last a lifetime.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

If you prefer a ‘modern classic’ ring choice, you can consider marquise cut engagement rings. Marquise-cut gemstones are known for their unique and elongated shape, which makes them fitting for crown ring prongs. Not to mention, marquise cut gemstone engagement rings will make your fingers look longer and slimmer while the gemstone glistens beautifully on your finger.

Pave Engagement Rings

For those who love sparkly jewelry, pave set engagement rings might be just for you. This type of engagement ring is paved with dainty gemstones all along the ring band. This engagement band setting is well known for its mesmerizing beauty, and perfect for the bride who is unafraid to shine.

Pave set rings are available in full pave (with gemstones bejeweled all around the band) or half paved (with gemstones embellished on the upper side of the ring). These inlaid gemstones are often smaller in appearance that they give the illusion of the large centerstone paved over a shimmery surface.

Bezel Set Rings

Another stylistic shift that is trending in the engagement rings world are bezel set rings. Simplistic yet old-school, bezel rings are somewhere between being minimalist and maximalist design. Not only do bezel settings provide you a lot more durability and stability for the inlaid gemstone, they also hide the gemstone’s imperfections. Bezel set rings will make your engagement ring look a lot bigger and are also more manageable for everyday wear.

Halo Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, there is nothing more luxurious than an intricate halo of gemstones embracing and enhancing the center gem. Halo rings are the epitome of wealth and luxury and one of the most popular engagement rings choice for 2023. Modern halo engagement bands often feature micro paved gemstones with exquisite milgrain detailing, which makes the centerpiece gemstone look larger and more stunning.

Pear-Cut Gemstones

Pear-shaped engagement rings are another top wedding jewelry trend for 2023. Pear shaped gemstones are not only elegant but also very alluring to look at. This graceful engagement ring setting allows the gemstones to sparkle brighter and make your fingers look slimmer. Pear-cut gemstones give the illusion of a tear, and these dazzling engagement bands would surely bring tears of joy to your special someone. You can also wear this gemstone ring up or down depending on your mood.

Engagement rings are an eternal symbol of love and commitment between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. This is why the engagement rings you choose should not only be beautiful, but also just as meaningful as your love story.

From minimalist ring bands to extravagant designs, Eleganzia Jewelry offers a dazzling selection of sterling silver engagement rings that marks the start of your brand new life together.

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