8 Popular Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

8 Popular Engagement Ring Trends You Need to Know

Engagement rings are a timeless symbol of love and commitment between two people who wish to spend the rest of their lives together. If you and your significant other are ready to take the next step of your relationship, perhaps you could surprise them with a romantic proposal and a gorgeous engagement ring.

With ring trends changing every year, it’s only fair to look for something that is both trending and beautiful to signify your love story. Here are our top eight engagement rings trends for 2022 that you should know about.

Simple Solitaire Rings

If you’re not quite sure where to start for your engagement rings, then you can never go wrong with the classics? Simple yet sophisticated, solitaire engagement rings are an evergreen popular choice for many couples.

Giving your significant other a solitaire engagement ring is the grandest way of showing your love for them. Solitaire rings often feature a simple ring band and a striking gemstone as its centerpiece, signifying that your partner is at the center of your universe.

If you’re looking for a silver engagement ring for that special man in your life, our Simple Classic Signet Ring makes a wonderful pick for him. This sterling silver ring has a minimalist yet classy design. Featuring a solitaire setting that resembles a signet ring and inlaid with a single sparkling cubic zirconia stone, this silver ring for men is truly a masterpiece for your love.

Stack Your Engagement Rings with Eternity Band Rings

Stacking multiple dainty rings on the same finger has grown to be a popular fashion trend in the jewelry world. Did you know that stackable rings were first worn exclusively as a bridal ring set? There’s no reason why you can’t integrate this stylish look for your engagement rings too.

Eternity bands are often paved with sparkly gemstones throughout the ring band, and they are a symbol of everlasting love between two people. You can learn more about the meaning behind giving eternity bands by reading this guide here

Halo Engagement Rings

Nothing says “you had me at hello” like halo engagement rings. Available in various shapes ranging from simple designs to intricate detailing, halo engagement rings are a trendy choice for those who love their engagement ring to be the center of attention.

These halo engagement rings feature halo settings, intricate milgrain details and micro pave with dainty gemstones, which makes the centerpiece gemstone look bigger and sparkler in comparison. Halo engagement rings radiate an aura of luxury and elegance to those who wear them.

Take our Infinity Twist CZ Halo Engagement Ring for instance. These exquisitely detailed cubic zirconia halo engagement rings is a modern take of halo engagement rings with an infinity motif. This infinity-inspired sterling silver halo ring embodies that the love you have for your significant other is for eternity.

Vintage Ring Designs

There has been a spiking interest in all things vintage throughout the course of the pandemic. In the engagement ring market, vintage ring designs were highly fashionable. Many engaged couples are now either repurposing family heirloom jewelry, or choosing modern rings with vintage designs, such as detailed milgrain patterns and even exquisite halo settings.

Take our Lavender CZ Marquise Engagement Ring for example. This sterling silver engagement ring features a vintage design with dainty cubic zirconia milgrain and a marquise shaped lavender-colored cubic zirconia stone as its centerpiece. This vintage inspired silver ring makes an extravagant statement when worn on your finger.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

While diamond engagement rings are a beloved classic, engagement rings that feature other gemstones like topaz and amethyst have taken the engagement rings world by storm. Engagement rings bejeweled with colorful gemstones will surely shine bright and stand out when worn on your finger. Not to mention gemstone engagement rings are a more affordable and equally glamorous non-diamond alternative for couples.

Many couples would want an engagement band that symbolizes their love for one another, and not just in the form of a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring. Some couples prefer choosing engagement bands with bold colored gemstones to embody their unique love story. Others may go for vibrant gemstone rings because it's their birthstone or even their favorite color.

If you’re looking for a beautiful non-diamond alternative for your engagement rings, Eleganzia Jewelry features sterling silver engagement rings inlaid with cubic zirconia and amethyst as your gemstone choice.

Pavé Rings

Engagement rings are all about making a statement and this goes without saying you should go big with the sparkles. Pavé is French for “paved” and pave ring bands are the next big thing among the engagement rings trend if you’re looking for something with extra flair.

Take our CZ Marry Me Engagement Rings for example. This dainty ring is crafted from 925 sterling silver and paved with cubic zirconia stones. This silver engagement ring gives an illusion of continuous sparkle and will surely dazzle the crowd.

Engagement Bands with a Modern Twist

Engagement rings are a classic symbol of the mutual love and commitment you and your significant other have for one another, but you don’t always have to go for the traditional diamond engagement bands. Many of today’s engagement rings feature stunning designs with a modern twist that are unique and beautiful.

Take our Everlasting Love Matching Couple Rings Set for example. These matching sterling silver rings are inlaid with a single dainty cubic zirconia stone and engraved with romantic quotes “Love You” and “Forever”. These couples matching engagement rings look magnificent and send a sweet message for you and your significant other to wear.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Aside from the classical solitaire engagement band, three-stone engagement rings are becoming one of the most popular engagement ring trends of 2022.

The three stone rings are otherwise known as “Trinity Rings” and they represent the past, present and future. Three-stone engagement bands make a romantic gift for your loved one, as it signifies that the love between you and your significant other will remain strong over time.

Three Stone rings are often made of jewelry metals like gold, platinum or even sterling silver. This type of engagement rings are adorned with gemstones such as birthstones and cubic zirconia. Although the three gemstones used may be different in most cases, the same type of stone is used to maintain the sense of continuity.

Your love story is one of a kind, therefore your engagement rings should reflect and suit both you and your significant other. From timeless to extravagant designs, Eleganzia Jewelry offers an extraordinary collection of sterling silver rings that marks the beginning of your brand new life together. 

Shop for Adjustable Rings, Stackable Rings, Promise Rings and Couple Rings from us today! 



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