Benefits of Buying Jewelry From Direct To Consumer Brand

Benefits of Buying Jewelry From Direct To Consumer Brand

According to the article publish in, it is stated that a few direct to consumers jewelry brands are seeing remarkable sales growth when every business is suffering from revenue declines and slowdown. How do we define the direct to consumer jewelry brands? It is referring to a jewelry brand that sells direct to the consumers, with the motive of deliver exceptional value by selling jewelry directly to consumers.

Here are the breakdowns of the reasons why are you recommended to buy jewelry from jewelers who sell directly to you:

1. No middlemen

Jewelers who practice direct to consumer model eliminate unnecessary middlemen commission, keeping the cost low while maintaining the value pass to you. For example, when you shop with Eleganzia Jewelry, unlike retail stores, we did not take account for the additional costs that involve the rental fees, retail staffs wages and miscellaneous charges incurred in maintaining the retail store. With that, we are able to lower costs that further lower the selling price when we are the product manufacturer who sell and ship directly to you, omitting third party retailers.

Besides, direct manufacturers tend to provide special promotions during special events to new customers or loyal customers who continuously support them. The building relationships between existing customers and potential customers  are easier for direct to customers brands as they could offer special gifts which leads to consumers prefer buying directly from them.

Sterling Silver Necklace

2. Best connect to consumer with jewelry trend

You could count on direct to consumer jewelers who are also the direct manufacturer for up-to-date jewelry collection. They are always getting ready in designing and manufacturing of jewelry that are in demand in the market. 

3. Varieties of selection

The best part of purchasing from a direct to consumer jewelry manufacturer is you have more selections to choose from as compared to traditional retailers store. The direct to consumer jeweler is able to monitor the customer expectations and demand of certain jewelry designs, in order to prepare relevant stocks to replenish the best-selling items. Besides, you will find more jewelry designs and availability sizes than in a retail store, which provides more options for the existing customers for continuous shopping.


4. Genuine craftsmanship

If you would like to find a jewelry piece that is fashionable and hand-finished with care, it will mostly be an expensive piece if you shop from physical stores with mark-up taken place. However, you are able to find quality piece with us, the direct to consumer manufacturer. You will not receive silver jewelry that comes from mass assembly line production but a hand-finished silver jewelry that comes with compromised quality.

5. Develop your personal style with jewelry that most suit you

You can find the jewelry that most compelling to your personality or the consumer brands story that matches well with your ideology in forming personal connection. You will form a more personal bond with the jewelry that has fits your personality, outfits and style best.

6. Convenience

Shop from a direct to consumer manufacturer who owns an online store, you will be benefited from the convenience of an online shopping experience. You could browse the items anywhere and anytime, add to cart and checkout without long queuing lines and avoid the hassle of finding carparks and crowd.

7. Personalize experience

You could obtain information about the jewelry easily where you will be shown with the jewelry items that is related to the jewelry piece you have been eyeing on or being recommended with the same series or matching pair. When you purchase from direct manufacturer online store, you are able to compare the prices and designs, as well as look as long as you need to choose the jewelry design you desire without being disturbed as compared in brick and mortar stores. Besides, you could also read up the previous customers’ reviews and customer feedback prior make up your mind. 

There are various online direct to consumer jewelers who plays a part in selling direct to consumer, which given the market few jewelers to choose from. It ranges from affordable to luxury brand and it is always advisable to shop within your budget, the brand story that matches your ideology and able to develop your personal style.

In Eleganzia Jewelry, you are promised to receive high quality silver jewelry that is handcrafted with genuine materials and finest craftsmanship. Our silver jewelry is offered to you at much lower price that other retail stores as we have no middle men and no mark up, purely delivering quality jewelry from us to you.

Shop with us today to upgrade your jewelry collection with quality silver jewelry.


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