Cool Jewelry Trends You Need to Try This Winter

Cool Jewelry Trends You Need to Try This Winter

Winter is the best season to drink hot chocolate by the fireplace, enjoy the cool weather, and put on layers of comfy sweaters. Winter is also a fantastic time to refresh your fashion jewelry collection and catch up with all the latest trends.

If you’re looking for some jewelry inspiration for what’s currently trending this winter, here are our top jewelry trends you need to try out: -

Let It Snow, Let It Glow

When you hear the word ‘winter’, one of the first things that comes to mind is the breathtaking sight of snowflakes gently falling from the sky. Snowflakes are one of the most iconic things about winter, which makes snowflake-themed jewelry fitting for this cool season. 

Frozen Winter CZ Snowflake Necklace


Celebrate the frosty season with snowflake jewelry pieces and add a little ‘cool’ factor to your winter fashion. If you’re looking for new, cool earrings for your winter wardrobe, we have a few snowflake earrings for you!

Petite Snowflake Earrings Studs CZ Snowflake Drop Earrings

For those who prefer subtle and simple earrings, our brand new Petite Snowflake Earrings Studs makes a cozy and chic accessory for you. For those who prefer sparkly and dazzling earrings, our Frozen Winter CZ Snowflake Drop Earrings have just enough cubic zirconia detailing to brighten up your style.



Pearly Perfection

Pearls are a timeless and glamorous investment, and they will remain a beloved jewelry for many years to come. If you’re looking for a fashion accessory to turn heads and radiate an aura of understated elegance, pearls are the way to go. Whether it’s a pair of pearl stud earrings or a classy pearl pendant necklace, you can bet that they are jewelry pieces you would continue to wear for many years to come.

Better With Beads

Bead jewelry isn't just for your summer fashion, you can also incorporate some colorful beady brightness into your winter wardrobe. Whether it’s subtle and dainty beaded necklaces or bright and bold beaded bracelets, there is something that is both unique and sophisticated about beaded jewelry. They add a gentle yet delicate touch of style to your attire, but also don’t take away the focus from other jewelry pieces you wear.

Bead Anxiety Ring

If you’re looking for a simple silver ring with beaded textures, our Anti Anxiety Ring Sterling Silver would be a minimalist fit for you. Anxiety rings have gained traction at helping people with stress relief and also double as a chic fashion ring. Our anxiety ring features a slim band ring with ten dainty beads circling the ring band.

Let Your True Colors Sparkle

Short and colder days means more room for you to sparkle this winter. For this season, colorful and sparkly gemstone jewelry have taken a shine. Sparkly jewelry is good, but adding some vibrant playfulness with color is even better! Don’t be afraid to add some colors to your life and winter wardrobe with a few colorful accessory fashion for a whimsical yet stylish look.

Lavender CZ Marquise Engagement Ring

Take our Lavender CZ Marquise Engagement Ring for instance. If you want a subtle yet gorgeous ring with vintage vibes, this beautiful ring can take your fashion sense to the next level. This dainty sterling silver ring features a large lavender colored cubic zirconia stone in marquise cutting as its centerpiece and sprinkled with tiny cubic zirconia stones.

Shape Up Your Fashion Sense

There is something that is just so versatile yet unique about geometric jewelry. Available in a wide range of shapes and designs, geometric jewelry is so much fun to experiment with. Create a truly stylish statement look with our sterling silver geometric jewelry collection. From simple designs to bold details, the sky's the limit when it comes to how you wan to style with these geometric jewelry pieces.

Geometric Jewelry Collection Triangle Sterling Silver Rings

All About Natural Designs

Another fashion trend that took on the jewelry world all year around is flora and fauna designs. Whether it’s leaves, flowers, or even animals, jewelry and accessories featuring nature-inspired designs are an innovative way to bring new life into expressing one’s fashion style. Not only are nature themed jewelry beautiful to look at, they are also whimsical accessories that carry inspiring meaning to whomever wears it.

CZ Layered Butterfly Silver Necklace

For instance, did you know that butterflies are often a symbol of change, life, and beauty? Our Dazzling CZ Layered Butterfly Silver Necklace features a glamorous butterfly necklace charm adorned with cubic zirconia gemstones hanging over an adjustable layered necklace chain. When you wear this butterfly necklace, you will be reminded that there is beauty in change, and you will come out stronger after each challenge you face.

Nature Inspired Collection

From cool snowflake jewelry to whimsical colorful gemstone jewelry, you can guarantee that the options to accessorize your fashion jewelry this winter season are endless. Jewelry has a powerful impact at influencing and expressing your personality and fashion style. If you’re looking for brand new jewelry to integrate into your winter fashion wardrobe, browse our sterling silver winter jewelry collection today and find something stylish you’d want to wear over and over again!

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