Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Him

Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Him

A Brief History of Father’s Day

Did you know that Father’s Day was first celebrated and founded by Sonora Smart Dodd in the United States? After listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at church in 1909, Dodd wanted to honor and celebrate her father who is a widower and a father of six. She felt it was important for fathers to deserve an equal day of praise just as much as mothers do. Dodd would later attempt to establish an official equivalent to Mother’s Day for fathers the following year.

The Significance of Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year to mark and celebrate fatherhood and the bonds we have with the fathers in our lives. It is celebrated to help children understand and recognize the significance of the father figures in their lives. This in turn helps to strengthen the father-child relationships and a child’s emotional growth.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Father’s Day jewelry presents have become prominent for this momentous occasion, as there are many gifts you can give to your dad. Some of the most common Father’s Day jewelry you can give your dad includes bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and even watches.

If you’re in the slumps looking for a present for your dad this upcoming Father’s Day, look no further. Eleganzia Jewelry features a range of fine jewelry that will be a great fit for your dad. Today we will be looking into some Father’s Day jewelry ideas you can give him. Here are some of our recommendations of Fathers’ Day Jewelry to help you get started.

A Sentimental Token of Stability & Hope

Fathers are the anchors of the family and could be your best mate in life. He is the one who we can look up to and seek solace in when the going gets tough. For dads who love the ocean, this Anchor Sterling Silver Men Jewelry Necklace would look perfect on you.

This sterling silver men necklace features a sleek 24" chain and an anchor charm with an inlaid cubic zirconia and detailed ropes decorated around the charm to resemble a real anchor. 

A Dad's Love is Infinite

If you are looking for a classy necklace with sentimental value, you should give your dad this Men Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace as a token of appreciation. A father's love for his children is endless and infinite, and what better way to commemorate him and compliment him like a men’s infinity necklace?

This necklace features a sleek 24" sterling silver chain with a polished infinity symbol charm. 

For Awe-Inspiring Super-Dads

Not all heroes wear capes, some would just wear an inspirational necklace. 

The Star of David has always been a symbol of heroism and spiritualism. For dads who are the everyday Heroes for their families, this necklace would be a perfect way to express your identity and your devotion for an inspiring day.

This sterling silver necklace comes with a sleek 24" chain and a polished Star of David charm. 

For Dads who Love Cross Jewelry

Cross jewelry has grown to be quite a contemporary and common jewelry piece for males and females, some wear cross necklaces to display their beliefs while others wear them for making fashion statements.

For dads who love collecting or wearing cross jewelry, this Christian Cross Necklaces for Men Sterling Silver would be the perfect gift for him. This men's necklace is crafted from sterling silver with a sleek chain, and a polished cross charm that will certainly be a classy and minimalistic representation of your dad's sense of style.

To the Greatest and Strongest Dads Out There

If your dad is someone who is resilient and strong, then this Men's Bamboo Link Bracelet Sterling Silver would make an excellent gift for him to wear around his wrist. This men's bracelet is made from Sterling Silver, and designed to resemble bamboo. Bamboos are often associated with resilience, strength and versatility, similar to how fathers are the strong pillars of the family and would often instill strong morals for their children.

This Bamboo Silver Men's Ring is skillfully crafted from Sterling Silver, and is designed to resemble the bamboo plant. Dads have been with us in every step of our life, just as how bamboos teach us about the importance of strength and health. When you gift this bamboo ring to your dad, you will also be giving him a token of gratitude and thank him for being in your life.

For Tough Dads who Rock

This Men Rocker Biker Sterling Silver Ring will look fantastic on your father and help him convey his personality if he is brave and tough or loves being out on the open road. In a convex shape, this polished men's ring is expertly made from Sterling Silver. Its simple design makes it the ideal accessory for your father to look stylish and strong.

If your dad is someone who loves the open road or enjoys riding on his motorcycle, you can gear up and make his day special with this Men's Rocker Bikers Bracelet Sterling Silver. This men's rocker bikers bracelet is made of sterling silver designed to resemble a bicycle chain. This sterling silver men's bracelet would be a great gift for your dad, as chains often represent strength and the unbreakable bond between a father and his children.

For Dads with Class

If your dad prefers a "less is more" fashion sense, then this Classic Sterling Silver Men Ring would be the perfect item for him to wear on any occasion. This men's ring is handcrafted from polished sterling silver and is both comfortable to wear and stylish. Minimalist sterling silver men rings are always a timeless and classy jewelry piece to wear, radiating a cool and sophisticated feeling to complete his look.

If your dad is someone who likes wearing bracelets but also prefers a minimalist look over an over-the-top extravagant look, then this Classic Men's Tag Bracelet Sterling Silver would be a fitting present for him. This adjustable men's tag bracelet features a sterling silver chain and a polished, rectangular-shaped tag, giving your dad an upgraded and smart look. You can never go wrong or out of style with a men's tag bracelet because it can be worn with anything and for any occasion.

Fathers' Day is a very big day for us to celebrate and acknowledge the important place all fathers, uncles and fatherly figures have in our lives and hearts. No amount of jewelry or thank you gifts can demonstrate how much you respect and love your dad. Therefore, when you gift your dad with thoughtful and fine men's jewelry, you will be guaranteed that it will create sentimental and long-lasting memories for many years to come. The piece of jewelry that he will always put on and be the keepsake in his heart forever.

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