Five Ways to Choose Perfect Necklace Size

Five Ways to Choose Perfect Necklace Size
Necklace chains are timeless pieces of jewelry; you can adorn them around your neck and accessorize them with your clothes. Whether your necklaces are made of gold, sterling silver, pearls, or even designer necklaces, each necklace would be fittingly used in every occasion. This is why you should always know how to choose a necklace that suits yourself and your neckline the most.

If you’re unfamiliar with choosing necklaces, don’t worry. We will be looking into some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect necklace length for you.

1. The Variety of Necklace Lengths

When it comes to the length of your necklace, you would often find or consult in necklace length charts to guide you in finding the correct necklace that complements your neckline. There are a variety of necklace lengths for you to choose from, and each length will reflect a unique and individualized style for the wearer.

Based on the standard necklace length guide, a necklace chain length can be as short as 14 inches up until over 30 inches. Here is a short list briefing the various necklace lengths fitting for both males and females based off their neck size.

Women’s Necklace Lengths
  • 14 inch necklace to 16 inch necklace: If a necklace length is between 14 to 16 inches, this is commonly known as a Neck Choker Style, as it will rest at the base of a female’s neck.
  • 17 inch necklace to 19 inch necklace: A Princess Style Necklace is often between 17 to 18 inches long. This is a popular and standard necklace length for women as the chain would rest elegantly on the collarbone. This type of necklace often comes with a charm or a pendant design.
  • 20 inch necklace to 24 inch necklace: Commonly known as the Matinee Style Necklace and it often rests just below your collarbone. This necklace length is a great fit for casual or formal looks, you can also choose to layer shorter necklaces with Matinee style necklaces.
  • 24 inch necklace to 30 inch necklace: Necklace chain lengths that are between 24 to 30 inches are known as an Opera Style Necklace. This type of necklace length is a very flexible piece of jewelry that you can pull off well and multifunction as a choker necklace too if you loop the necklace twice.
  • 35 inch necklace and longer: Any necklace size that are longer than 35 inches are commonly known as Ropes and Lariats Necklace. This type of necklace length can be a bit challenging at pulling off the style, so you can choose a simpler necklace design if you want to wear Ropes necklace in the daytime.
Need layering ideas?

Check out these unique themed necklace pairings that you might fall in love with for styling jewelry pieces. 

If you have always had a strong sense of appreciation for astrology or the stars, try pairing our Sterling Silver Star Necklace with our Silver Crescent Moon Necklace for a galaxy vibe to show that you are someone who is fascinated with the mysterious universe or aspire to be a super-star. Not to mention, being fashionable at minimalist. 






If you are someone who prefers sentimental and heartfelt bonds, try pairing our Sterling Silver Mother Daughter Necklace and Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace to demonstrate that your love for your cherished family members is infinite and timeless. However, our Mother Daughter Necklace definitely looks nice when wearing it alone as it falls perfectly on your collarbone. 





Men’s Necklace Lengths
  • 16 inch necklace to 18 inch necklace: This necklace chain length is most ideal for a Neck Choker for males. It will rest at the base of a male’s neck. It works as a smaller necklace size for men with smaller neck sizes. This necklace length can also be worn visibly above your shirt.
  • 20 inch necklace to 24 inch necklace: This length of necklace chain will rest at the base of a male’s collarbone, and it is also perhaps the most common and average necklace length. Necklace chains around this length would look great styled with medallion or even a pendant.
  • 24 inch necklace to 30 inch necklace: This type of men’s necklace length can be worn outside of your shirt. You might look very handsome and eye-catching wearing a larger pendant or a thicker chain necklace of the same length.



If you’re a male looking to buy a fashionable and dashing necklace; or if you’re looking to buy a fine necklace for someone you know, why not try our gorgeous Christian Cross Necklaces for Men Sterling Silver? This chain necklace has a simple but trendy design with a cross that symbolizes protection and guidance. Wear this to showcase that men can pull off necklace chains too and look handsome while doing it.



2. Your Neck Measurement

Often before buying a necklace, we would ask ourselves several questions. Such as “How do I measure a necklace length?” or “How long is a chain?”

It is often advised for us to know and measure the length of our necks before buying any necklace or neck choker. One of the simplest ways to measure your neck is by using a soft measuring tape and wraps it closely around your neck.
Whatever your neck measurement is, just add in 2 inches to the measurement and you will have a comfortable length for neck chockers. Neck chokers are generally 14 to 16 inches for females and 16 to 18 inches for males. If you add in 4 inches to your neck measurement, it will be a great length for a standard necklace length or a pendant.

Neck chockers often work better for people with longer neck size; whereas short-necked people typically look better with longer necklaces.

3. Techniques to Style Your Necklace

Once you know the standard necklace length of the chains you want to go for, you can proceed mastering various styling techniques and figure out which type of necklace length would complement your looks well.

Luckily, the technique to styling your necklace chains with your outfit is pretty easy. All it really needs is a necklace that you love and looks well on you. For instance, measure the necklace chain length while clasped and then double the length of the chain. And there you have it: your very own magical custom necklace length. All of our necklace chain lengths comes with 2 inch extension, where you could choose to wear it on your collarbone or a little below of your collarbone. 

There are more techniques that you can implement in choosing the perfect necklace length for you, especially if you are experimenting with new jewelry styles. However, to use these new jewelry styles, you would have to consider several factors of your entire body, such as your face shape and your body type.

Therefore, one of the best ways to start styling with your necklace is by starting with your neck personally. Next, analyze and measure the length and width of your neck, as well as any potential blemishes or wrinkles that may have accumulated.

All these tips can be helpful in deciding if a certain necklace would be a good look on you. If nothing seems to work out for you, you can go ahead and try on the necklace in order to form an honest opinion about the look.

4. The Shape of Your Face

Another thing to remember when choosing the suitable necklace for yourself is your Face Shape. The face shape is a rather obvious factor when deciding the right necklace length. If you know your facial shape, it will help you out and save the hassle of your neck measurement, whether your face shape is oval, square, diamond, heart-shape or even round.

For instance, people with oval faces will have quite a flexible array and you can pair them up with most necklace designs and pull off necklace chains at any length. People with round faces ideally suit wearing longer necklaces such as Matinee style necklaces (20-24 inch long) or Opera style necklaces (30 inch) as it creates the illusion of a V shape that makes their face look slimmer.

However, looking for the perfect necklace for people with heart-shaped and long-shape faces might have the opposite effect. Therefore if you have a heart-shaped face or a long-shaped face, it is generally better to stick with a short round neck choker to smooth out your facial angles.


5. Your Height

Height is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect necklace chain length that matches your body type. Generally, people who are 5’4” or shorter will look better with necklaces between the lengths 16 inches to 20 inches. A long necklace might overwhelm a smaller frame.

Women who are between the heights of 5’4” to 5’7” are more suited wearing necklaces of any length. Women who are 5’7” or taller can pull off any length necklace. Longer chain style necklaces tend to look better on taller women as the necklace length can mirror a tall frame.



To recap:

Choosing the right necklace is like shopping for the perfect outfit. Instead of blindly jumping on board with the latest fashion trend, it is essential to consider which necklace flatters and complements your body type.

Which is why you will fall in love with Eleganzia Jewelry, here we feature a wide variety of chain lengths and necklace styles that are beautiful and stylish. Many of our necklaces fall into the average necklace chain lengths, which are between 18 inches to 24 inches for both male and female. 

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