Splendid Gifts For Mom From Daughters

Splendid Gifts For Mom From Daughters

Mother is the most significant and special people in our life and we should always show our moms how much they mean to you in your life through simple gestures of gratitude like helping her out with chores in daily life or special gift for her during special occasions such as Mothers' Day or her birthday. 

We should always acknowledge the special place moms have in our life. With her birthday or Mothers’ Day around the corner, this brings the problem where you might be in a slump for deciding which gifts for mom to go for.

You are in luck!  We have an entire collection dedicated to for all the amazing moms where we hope to provide you and your mom with extraordinary gifts selections. Embrace her special day with our silver jewelry as we look into some of the creative and gorgeous jewelry you can consider gifting your beloved mother figures in your life.

Two Things to Consider Before Choosing a Present

There are two important things you should take into consideration when selecting the perfect jewelry piece for your mother:

1. What type of jewelry does your mother wear based on her collection?

Ask yourself: What types of jewelry does my mom already own?

For instance, your mother might not need another pair if her jewelry box is already filled with a trove of earrings. If your mom prefers wearing a handful of bracelets on a daily basis, then perhaps you should consider giving her a necklace. Before buying anything accordingly, you should take her collection of jewelry pieces into consideration.

2. You should consider your mom’s personality

Ask yourself: is your mom outgoing and carefree? Or is she more reserved and introverted?

Choose a jewelry piece that perfectly reflects your mother’s personality and sense of individuality to show her you took the time to choose something she would love to wear.

Meaningful jewelries are perfect for all mothers. Whether it’s a matching pair of earrings or an engraved shimmering necklace, it is always thoughtful to take the time to find a jewelry piece that is both unique and demonstrates how much your mom means to you.

  Mother's Day Gifts

Types of Jewelry Gifts for Your Mom

When it comes to jewelry, you could always opt for earrings, rings, bracelets or even necklaces. You can never go wrong with sterling silver jewelry as they are gorgeous, exquisitely detailed and hypoallergenic.   

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Here at Eleganzia Jewelry, we feature a diverse selection of silver jewelry pieces that will certainly be perfect for your mom. Not sure where to start? Let us help you with a few suggestions from our editors' top pick!

For Cute and Sweet Moms

If you are looking for something that is cute and sweet for your mom, why not try out our Petite Sterling Silver Heart jewelry series or Love Heart Initial Series, the piece of jewelry that tells her what an endearing sweetheart she is.

Petite Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

This Petite Sterling Silver Heart necklace consists of a silver necklace chain with a matching heart bedazzled in AAA cubic zirconia. This hearty pendant comes with 3 ways to wear it, which is fitting for any occasion for you to accessorize and experiment according to your outfit. Give this stylish pendant to your mother on her birthday or Mothers' Day and let her know that she is your forever sweetheart and that she will be your greatest treasure.

Petite Sterling Silver Heart Earrings Studs

These dazzling pair of sterling silver earring studs is both stylish and sophisticated, and is also perfect for women of all ages. These small heart earrings are decorated with crystal-clear cubic zirconia and give the earrings a little extra sparkle that complements your outfits for any occasions. Present this gorgeous pair of earrings to your mom today and let her know that she brightens up your life and fills your heart with much joy and love.

Petite Sterling Silver Heart Rings

Our shimmering silver heart ring is simple and decorated with a bejeweled heart, comfort fit for any finger size within US size 5-9*. This ring is perfect for any occasion, especially when it comes to expressing your love to a treasured one. When you gaze into this ring, you will always be reminded that a mother's love for her child is never-ending.

*To determine the accurate ring size, kindly refer to our Ring Size Chart

Love Heart Initial Necklace Silver, 26 Alphabets

Heart shaped pendants are always an iconic and evergreen jewelry piece to gift your mother. Initial themed jewelry pieces are engraved with initials or letters which gives a more personalized touch. This darling Love Heart Initial Necklace Silver consists of a sterling silver chain and an adorable heart shaped charm which features a selection of all the 26 alphabet letters for you to accessorize with. This charm has two unique sides: the outer pendant is engraved with an alphabet letter and the inner charm is decorated with cubic zirconia gemstones. Your mom can wear this endearing pendant, and be constantly reminded that you have a special place in her heart.


For Fashionable & Stylish Chic Moms

If your mom is someone who loves to accessorize herself and enjoys following the latest fashion trends, you should give her these Double Heart jewelry series or Infinity sterling silver jewelry series. Infinity style is a timeless and sophisticated choice that will surely be a modish look on her.

Eternity Silver Double Heart Necklace

This dazzling Eternity Silver Double Heart Necklace comes with a sleek Sterling Silver chain, adorned with a special charm that consists of two glimmering cubic zirconia hearts intersecting and connecting to one another. This pendant is alluring, exquisite, and is perfect for your mom. This pendant signifies that love is forever, especially if it is the bond between a mother and her child.



Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace

This exquisitely detailed sterling silver necklace comes with an infinity symbol. A mother’s love for her child is endless, which is why when your mother wears this, it will demonstrate that the love you have for your mother is to the infinite and beyond.

Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings

This simplistic yet stunning pair of sterling silver earrings comes with a minimalist infinity symbol that represents boundless and forever love. Present this as a gift to your mother on her birthday or Mothers' Day or you could get is as matching pair with your mom and wear these earrings together to show that you will always love your mother endlessly.

Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelets

For this mother's day, try on this Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelets for a sleek and stylish look. This beautiful bracelet consists of a sterling silver chain and decorated with tiny heart charms, as well as an infinity symbol encrusted in AAA cubic zirconia. A mother’s love in infinite and is the greatest treasure of all.

For Family-Oriented Moms

For people who are more family-oriented and value emotional bonds, or you just want to be flashy at showing your mom you love her, why not try on these two-of-a-kind sterling silver necklaces? They will surely capture the heartfelt moment of celebrating Mothers’ Day or birthday celebration with your favorite person in the world.

Mother Heart Necklace Sterling Silver

This necklace is adorned with a gorgeous charm that spells out "Mom" with a heart in place of the letter ‘O’. Give this to your mother and show her that she is always beloved and to remind her that she is always on her mind. You can also proudly wear this shimmering necklace around your neck so that you will be reminded your mother is always in your heart.

Sterling Silver Mother Daughter Necklace

As its name suggests, this handcrafted necklace consists of a simple but elegant silver chain with two circles, one bigger and one smaller, intertwining with one another. When you give this necklace to your mom, or wear it around your neck, it will symbolize the strong unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

Mothers’ Day as well as any days are perfect to celebrate and acknowledge the important place all moms have in our hearts and lives. No amount of jewelry can demonstrate how much you treasure your mom. When you present your mother with thoughtful and fine jewelry, you can be certain that it is a gift that will last and make her smile for many years to come. Shop with us now at Eleganzia Jewelry to select the best silver jewelry for your mom to celebrate her special day!


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