How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

When it comes to earrings, they can either make or break your outfit. With the right pair of earrings, you can effortlessly accentuate your look and draw attention to your ears. However you should always be careful when accessorizing with your earrings jewelry, or else it won’t suit your style and yourself at all.

Here is Eleganzia Jewelry’s guide on helping you choose the perfect pair of earrings that match your face shape.

Oval-Shaped Faces

People with oval faces have wide foreheads and cheekbones, and narrows from the cheeks to the chin. If you are someone with oval shaped faces, then good news for you. Oval faces can wear almost any earrings style, jewelry earrings help highlight your facial features for a striking look.

If you’re looking for a pair of earrings to compliment your face shape, our Geometric Triangle Silver Dangle Earrings will enhance your beauty and draw attention to your elongated face shape without coming off as over the top. These silver drop earrings feature minimalist triangle silver charms that go well with anything you wear.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

People with diamond-shaped faces often have excellent cheekbones, narrow foreheads and chins, and wide eyes. When it comes to choosing ear jewelry for diamond faces, you should balance your facial angles and natural features with wide drop earrings.

Take our brand new Feathered Leaf Drop Earrings for example, these sterling silver drop earrings feature delicate leaf motifs that swing elegantly over your ear. These dangle earrings will highlight your strong features and accent your outfit naturally, making them a perfect fit to add finishing touches to your diamond-shaped face.

Round-Shaped Faces

People with round faces have wide cheekbones that narrow around the forehead to the jawline. If you are someone with a round face, it is ideal to choose earrings that elongate rather than widen it. Drop earrings would be a perfect fit for round faces, as they help to trim and lengthen your face while also complementing your round silhouette.

Take our CZ Open Heart Drop Earring for instance, this sterling silver slender dangle earrings will emphasize your round facial structure and provide superb balance and symmetry. These silver earrings feature dainty open heart motifs adorned with cubic zirconia stones and the silver chains tassels add texture and give the appearance of longer face length.

Heart-Shaped Faces

People with heart-shaped faces feature a wide forehead that is wider than the cheeks with the lower half narrowing to the jaw, creating a heart-shaped effect. People with heart shaped faces have very eye-catching cheekbones and beautiful curves.

Therefore, you should go for earrings that are wider at the bottom to balance the pointed chin and flatter the features. The best earrings that match heart-shaped faces are chandelier earrings or teardrop earrings, so look for sets that are slender at the top, taper down, and widen out at the bottom.

Take our CZ Lock Earrings Silver for instance, these sterling silver drop earrings feature a padlock motif and are adorned with dainty cubic zirconia stones. These minimalist yet beautiful silver earrings will effortlessly fill in the lower half of the face and balance off the circular top of your face.

Square-Shaped Faces

People with square-shaped faces are defined by their strong angles along with wide foreheads and jawlines. A beautiful set of earrings can help soften the hard features of a square face, especially the sharp and defined jawline.

It's all about balance with a square face, so go for medium-large round or oval shaped earrings .For people with square faces, accenting your face with hoop earrings are the finest way to soften your angular features.

Hoop earrings available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles, allowing you to truly customize your outfit. Avoid square shaped earrings since they will make your face seem overly angular. The most important rule is to avoid wearing earrings that are the same shape as your face.

Now that you have learned about what type of earrings matches your face shape, this would help you know how to accessorize better in the future. From dangle earrings to small stud earrings, Eleganzia Jewelry has the finest selection of sterling silver earrings that you would love.

And if you’re still in doubt and unsure of what to wear, you can never go wrong with a simple pair of stud earrings. You can learn more about the reasons why we love wearing stud earrings here.

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