How to Style Stack Rings: A Do's and Don'ts Guide

How to Style Stack Rings: A Do's and Don'ts Guide

Stacking rings consist of several thin rings that you can wear and stack on top of one another to complement a large ring. It is a bold and entertaining way to wear rings jewelry. Available in a variety of designs and materials, you can now easily accessorize with other stackable rings to create unique looking styles to compliment your outfit. Stack rings are stylish and perfect for both men and women, and have grown to be quite the fashion trend among today’s youths as well. 

If you are new to wearing stack rings, or if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your stackable rings game, this is the guide for you. Whether it’s large statement pieces or delicate accent ring bands, you will learn how to wear stackable rings, as well as which style of stack rings would complement one another.

The Do’s

1. Start with One Ring

The first rule of stacking rings is you should start with just one ring on your finger to remain a cohesive and clear stacked ring look. Choose the statement finger (or fingers) of your choice to begin your ring stacking. 

You can first choose one main sterling stackable ring of your choice, and then build the rest of your stack rings around it. Let the color, shape and design of your main stacker ring decide the look of your other stackable ring set, this will create an elegant and stylish everyday rings look.  

2. Leave at Least One Finger Bare

It can be easy to go overboard when it comes to accessorizing stackable rings. Therefore, you should only stick with a maximum of four fingers at a time when stacking rings around your finger. For instance, many people prefer leaving their pinkie finger or thumb bare when they wear stack rings. The technique to mastering stacking rings is to play around with the various stacker rings styles and see what goes better with you.

3. Be Creative

The best part about stackable rings is that there is no limit in how you want to wear them. Want to create a subtle look by stacking up dainty rings? No problem. Want to dazzle yourself by wearing bejewelled cubic zirconia silver rings? That’s alright too.

If you love trying out different styles, then stackable rings will open up limitless creativity and opportunities for you. You can go solo with one standalone stack ring one day, and stack two or three silver rings the next day. By displaying your creativity in stacking rings, you will figure out which styles and colors flatter each other the most, this will help you create your very own signature look with unique stackable rings.

4. Experiment Cohesively

Creativity and self-expression are two crucial criteria when it comes to stacking rings. However, one must be careful to avoid clashing colors when accessorizing with jewelry rings. While you can experiment with shapes, gemstones and textures, try to have stackable rings that closely resemble one another. You can consider buying the same designer rings and seeking their advice may help in this field.

5. Find the Perfect Balance

When it comes to accessorizing with fine jewelry rings, one should learn to balance between too much and too little. Here’s a tip: try wearing a big ring standalone, or try wearing several dainty sterling silver rings on different fingers. You should always try to balance your entire hand as well, it is advisable to keep the stack rings to a minimum if you already are wearing a lot of jewelry on your hand.

6. Create an Enchanting Look with Cubic Zirconias

If you are looking to glam up your evening look with stackable rings, why not don some sterling silver rings embellished with cubic zirconia gemstones? Whether you want an eternity ring full of pave set cubic zirconia or a thin stacking ring with just a few dainty cubic zirconias, there are many choices to choose from. Not to mention, when you stack up cubic zirconia rings together, they will surely shine twice as bright.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t Overdo It

One of the things you should never do when stacking rings is to wear all of your stack rings at the same time. You should just choose a few cute dainty rings that will pair well together and leave the rest of your stackable rings at home. Usually, you should just wear two or three stack rings to create a balanced delicate and beautiful effect.

2. Avoid Wearing Different Colored Stacker Rings on One Finger

If you’re still new at stacking rings, you should avoid mixing and matching your different colored stack rings to prevent clashing colors. You should always wear one-colored stackable ring at a time. Once you are more familiar with stacking rings, you can move on to try out mixing and matching your stack rings later on.

After knowing the Do's and Don'ts of styling with stacking rings, it makes the best matter of knowing one’s sense of style and self-expression. There is so much creativity one can put into when it comes to creating looks with sterling silver stacking rings set. Now that you have gained the knowledge on how to wear stacking rings jewelry, have fun accessorizing with our sterling silver stackable rings now.

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