Last Minute Good Friday & Easter Gift Ideas for Everyone

Last Minute Good Friday & Easter Gift Ideas for Everyone

So, every year we promise ourselves: I won’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts again! But what do we do? History repeats itself! Now we’re heading to the store to grab a last minute gift for our friends and family just like last year.

We’ll be honest, we know that the holidays are stressful, especially with decorating and event planning. Gift shopping just slips our mind when we’re engaged with more pressing issues. But thanks for the internet, we now have online stores with a wide array of gift ideas for last-minute shopping!

Now, get your budget ready and take out your notepads, Eleganzia Jewelry is here to help you pick the perfect jewelry gifts for your friends and family for Easter.

Faith Jewelry is Appropriate for Good Friday & Easter

The cross is a timeless faith symbol that represents inspiration, belief and perseverance. Some choose to wear cross necklaces as a constant reminder and source of inspiration to brave through difficulties.

If the person you’re gifting is not a fan of cross jewelry, you may choose to give faith-themed jewelry as an alternative. Faith jewelry is timeless and has a long history that dates back hundreds of years, where people wore it to commemorate and declare their devotion.

Faith jewelry has since then been a symbol of love and hope. Eleganzia Jewelry’s CZ Infinity Faith Necklace and CZ Open Heart Faith Necklace make the perfect gifts for those that prefer a subtle faith necklace that shows infinite love and compassion.


Faith jewelry is a modern take on the classic cross jewelry, with the word “faith” designed to look like or replace the cross. Our CZ Faith Necklace In Cross Designs is perfect for those that prefer the classic cross style with a twist.

Spring-Themed Jewelry

With Easter, winter comes to an end, and spring is on our tails. Spring is the season where we celebrate the revival of the natural world, with flowers blooming and animals awakening from slumber. And with new beginnings, that means new fashion trends to accessorize with.

During springtime, jewelry featuring floral themes are in high demand. If the person you’re shopping for LOVES stacking rings and staying trendy, may we interest you in our CZ Flower Stackable Ring? Dainty yet sparkly, this flower-inspired stacking ring will bloom with their fashion style.

But if they’re a fan of something more regal with a touch of spring, the Leaf Band Sterling Silver Stackable Rings would look well on their finger.

If you would like to browse for more spring-themed jewelry, head on over to our Spring Jewelry Collection to find the one that catches your eyes! Don’t know much about spring jewelry trends? Check out our blog on 2022 spring jewelry trends!

Sterling Silver Jewelry Looks Great with Everything

Silver is the perfect balance between black and white, making it work well with most themes and color palettes, especially neutral colors. As such, sterling silver jewelry is easily customizable and paired with any style you’re going for.

And best of all? Due to its malleability, jewelers and artisans have the opportunity and creativity to mold 925 sterling silver into a wide range of jewelry pieces. So, if you’re looking for a way to finish your outfit with a subtle touch, try style with sterling silver jewelry for a minimalist and elegant look.


To learn more about sterling silver jewelry and why you should buy it, check out another blog post here.

When buying a gift, especially jewelry, for a person, always think of what type of jewelry does that person like. For more tips on choosing cross jewelry, check out our blog here

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