Meaning Behind Dolphin Jewelry Symbolism Explained

Meaning Behind Dolphin Jewelry Symbolism Explained

Dolphins and graceful and intelligent animals in the sea. They are best known for their friendly and playful energy, which is unsurprising that they are well-loved by people. Dolphin inspired jewelry are charming, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and also make inspirational jewelry for their wearer.

But, do you know what does a dolphin represent spiritually? 

Today we will be diving into the symbolism behind dolphin jewelry to understand why they are so fascinating.

Symbol of Luck and Safety

One of the most significant meanings behind dolphin jewelry is that they are a symbol of luck and safety. Encountering a dolphin at sea is believed to be a good omen for sailors and that dolphins would guide them to safety when traveling. Some people carry dolphin jewelry as a good luck charm in hoping to have a safe journey wherever they go.

Strength and Protection

Another symbolism behind dolphin jewelry is that they bring protection and strength. Dolphin jewelry acts like a guardian angel to its wearers, as it reminds you that you will always stay focused and never give up on your goals.

Take our Dolphin Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring for instance. This silver adjustable ring features a delicate dolphin motif that will surely bring you strength, protection, as well as comfort style.

Finding Balance

Dolphins are often associated with air and water elements, they are able to live in balance. Some people believe that wearing dolphin jewelry teaches them how to be equal and find the right ways to balance things out. By finding balance, you would be happier and content.

Take our Sterling Silver Dolphin Dangling Earrings for example. These silver dangle earrings elude a whimsical yet graceful aura that will enhance your elegance when you wear them.

Cherishing Joy and Happiness

Dolphins are best known for being playful and energetic. Similar to dolphins, we all deserve happiness like they do. The happy moments we experience are some of the things we will always cherish for the rest of our lives.

Some people like to wear dolphin jewelry as an inspirational jewelry, it inspires them to always see the good in everything and find their own true happiness. Wearing dolphin jewelry helps to remind ourselves that we should take a break from the stressful worries in life once in a while, and learn to appreciate the simple joys in life.

Symbol of Hope and Guidance

Life is full of ups and downs, we tend to face challenging obstacles along the way. Similar to how dolphins helped to guide lost sailors at sea, dolphin jewelry also represents hope and guidance. Wearing dolphin jewelry serves as an inspirational jewelry that gives the wearer hope and guidance to lead them on the right path.


Dolphin jewelry represents a lot of things that are meaningful to the person wearing them. Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals in the world, wearing dolphin jewelry will radiate positive energy for their wearers.

Additionally, dolphin jewelry makes popular gifts and stylish fashion accessories. Now that you have read all about the meanings behind dolphin jewelry, we hope that you have a newfound appreciation for dolphins.

If you’re looking for elegant dolphin jewelry, Eleganzia Jewelry provides a selection of ocean inspired sterling silver jewelry that will bring out your fashion style and personality.

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