Meanings of 4 Lucky Charms That Attract Good Luck

Meanings of 4 Lucky Charms That Attract Good Luck

Everyone can always use a little luck in their life. From warding off misfortune to energizing themselves with the healing powers of their talismans, there are a multitude of reasons why people carry a piece of lucky charm jewelry with them.

Each good luck jewelry carries its own unique meaning that serves a different purpose for the person wearing it. Shopping for lucky jewelry can be an overwhelming process with so many options available. If you’re looking for a few lucky talismans to wear as fashion accessories, here are our top Good Luck Charm jewelry for you to shop: -

Catch Some Luck with Horseshoes

Horseshoes aren’t just for barns, they are also known as one of the most iconic symbols of good fortune. There is some uncertainty over whether it is unlucky to hang a horseshoe facing down. While some believe that the U should point upward to "catch" good fortune, others think that it should point downward to "spread" it to others. In either case, horseshoe jewelry makes a timeless accent to any fashion accessories to wear.

Try on our Lucky Horseshoe Necklace Sterling Silver and Double Horseshoe Necklace Sterling Silver to add some wealth and style to all aspects of your life. These simple silver necklaces feature horseshoe motifs and are inlaid with dainty cubic zirconia stones. There is no doubt that these sterling silver necklaces with charms will add some luck to your life and a chic fashion statement to your daily outfit.

Shroud Yourself with the Luck of the Irish

One of the most beloved symbols of good luck, you can never go wrong with four leaf clover themed jewelry. The four-leaf shamrock has been a timeless symbol of Irish culture that is often associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

The symbolism of the four leaf clover has many meanings, with each of the four leaves standing for Faith, Hope, Love and Luck. There is a 1 in 10,000 chance of you coming across your very own four-leaf clover, so you’re better off wearing a four-leaf clover jewelry instead.

If you’re a big fan of wearing cute dainty rings around your fingers, our Clover Silver Stackable Ring would be a great fit for you! This silver stacking ring features a tiny four leaf clover motif that is bejeweled with sparkly cubic zirconia stones. Shroud yourself or a loved one with hope and courage with this dazzling stacking ring.

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Protection from the Evil Eye

Prominent in various cultures, the evil eye is one of the best recognized talismans throughout history. The sinister stare of the evil eye is said to shield whoever wears it from the hateful and jealous gazes from enemies. When you wear an evil eye talisman, they will protect you from harm and will reflect any malevolent intentions back to the one wishing harm.

Shield yourself from all the negative energy and stress in your life with our Blue Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet. This evil eye bracelet features a blue glazed glass bead as its bracelet charms with sleek silver link bracelet chains. This stylish chain bracelet makes a transformative fashion statement and a jewelry talisman.

Blessings from the Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand features the shape of an open hand and is infamous in various cultures around the world. The hamsa hand is known as “The Hand of Fatima” in Islam, and “The Hand of Mariam” in Christian and Jewish cultures. Similar to the evil eye, the hamsa hand protects whoever it wears from misfortune.

Depending on how it is worn, hamsa hand jewelry can convey various messages. Wearing your hamsa hand with its palm up is a symbol of protection against evil. On the other hand, it is said that when the Hamsa Hand is worn with its palm down, it will bring its wearer wealth, opportunities and luck.

If you’re looking for a talismanic fashion necklace for yourself, our ‘Minimalist Simple Hamsa Hand Necklace Sterling Silver’ would make a wonderful chain necklace for you to wear. Featuring the iconic hamsa hand symbol with the palm facing down, this silver necklace is sprinkled with cubic zirconia stones. This pendant necklace will bring you tremendous luck and enhance your look any day.

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Now that you’ve learned more about the meanings behind these iconic good luck symbols, it’s the perfect time to add a few new lucky charm jewelry to your collection. Lucky charms have been a beloved fashion accessory that is symbolic to many cultures for a long time.

Aside from having aesthetically beautiful designs, these lucky jewelry will bestow you with positive energy and an extra shield of protection wherever you go. To learn more about protective talisman jewelry, you can read this guide.

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