The Significance of Sideways Cross Jewelry

The Significance of Sideways Cross Jewelry

What Does Sideways Cross Jewelry Mean?

Have you ever wondered the meaning of sideways cross

To put it simply, a sideways cross looks like a horizontal version of the classic cross and is often viewed as a modern reimagined version of the classic Latin cross. The sideways cross is also known as the Nordic Cross and can be found on several national flags like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. The sideways cross can be seen as a symbol of loyalty, pride, and honor.  


There are various interpretations when it comes to the sideways cross meaning. Often, it is associated with faith and devotion, along with earth and humanity.

Another interpretation for wearing sideways cross jewelry is that the wearer is down to earth and has a heightened sense of self awareness of your place in the world. Another common interpretation for the impact of sideways cross jewelry is that certain jewelry designers feel that it is important to give old things a fresh and revamped look in order to keep them in style and trendy among the newer generation. 

How to Wear Sideways Cross Jewelry

Sideways cross jewelry features an elegant and unique cross design that will create an asymmetrical look however you wear it. There are many ways to wear sideways cross jewelry: they can be worn around your finger, your wrist, your ears, and even around your neck. Whether you prefer classic, gothic or even sophisticated dress styles, sideways cross jewelry is incredibly flexible and blends with any styles and outfit you wear easily. 

Our Top Recommended Sideways Cross Jewelry

If you’re interested in getting yourself or someone you know stylish sideways cross jewelry pieces, here are some of our top picks that might be perfect for you: -

Display Devotion on Your Finger With Class

Classic Sideways Cross Rings Sterling Silver

This elegant Classic Sideways Cross Rings Sterling Silver makes an evergreen addition to your jewelry collection. This cross ring is delicately crafted with a sleek polished sterling silver band, and a classic sideway cross charm bedazzled with crystal clear cubic zirconia gemstones. When you wear this silver cross ring on your finger or stacking them with other jewelry pieces, you will be showing off your devotion and sophistication that will surely flatter your looks. In addition, this sophisticated cross ring band can double as a cross necklace if you loop a chain through it.



 A Symbolic and Classy Necklace Perfect for You

Classic Sideways Cross Necklace Sterling Silver

Try on this spiritual yet chic Sideway Cross Sterling Silver Necklace for a contemporary twist to the classic cross necklace. This alluring Classic Cross Necklace Sideways features a sleek sterling silver chain, a dainty sideways sterling silver cross charm sprinkled with cubic zirconia gemstones. This enchanting sideway cross necklace sterling silver is a very versatile accessory, they can easily blend in with various styles and outfits for any occasion. This tiny cross necklaces sideways will look fantastic on you no matter where the pendant falls on the neckline.


Carry of Faith and Belief On Wrist As Reminder

Classic Sideways Cross Bracelet Sterling Silver

For a simplistic yet classy finishing touch to your daily outfit, you should try on this Classic Sideways Cross Bracelet Sterling Silver. This cross bracelet is crafted from .925 sterling silver, completed with adorned of AAA cubic zirconia stone on the bold polished cross designed charm. 

This contemporary design of this sideways cross jewelry features an adjustable bracelet chain length that fits for various wrist sizes, giving you a comfortable and stylish wearing experience. This silver cross bracelet would make the perfect everyday bracelet, as it symbolizes carrying your faith with you all the time. 


The meaning of sideways cross can be different for each individual but remains incredibly significant for the wearer, which makes it a wonderfully inspiring cross jewelry piece to cherish. Whether you view the sideways cross as an inspiring symbol of devotion or a fashion statement, sideways cross jewelry truly is a timeless and treasured accessory for many years to come.

Here at Eleganzia Jewelry, we provide a fine range of sideways cross jewelry: from sideways cross necklaces, cross rings, and even cross bracelets all handcrafted from .925 sterling silver. Some of our silver cross jewelry pieces feature bejeweled cubic zirconia gemstones that will leave a little shimmer wherever you go. Find the style that speaks to you along with other inspiring and fashionable designs in our selection of Cross Jewelry collection today.

👈 Shop for Silver Cross Jewelry to showcase your hope, faith and belief in life here.

Browse for more cross jewelry inspiration from our blog article: "The Best Cross Necklaces for Your Jewelry Collection" here now 👉 



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