Silver Bracelet: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Silver Bracelet: More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Bracelets are fashionable jewelry pieces worn around the wrist, adding character and style to its wearer’s outfit. In the previous article - Sterling Silver Bracelets: All You Need to Know, we’ve delved into the basic introduction of bracelets as well as some of the common types of sterling silver bracelets. Today, let us talk about why people wear bracelets.

Why do people wear bracelets?

Often adorned on the non-dominant hand, bracelets are an essential piece of fashion accessory for men and women all around the world. Nowadays, bracelets aren’t only a fashion statement, it carries meaning and memories for those that choose to wear it.

Inspirational Bracelets

Inspirational bracelets provide encouragement and positive vibes when it's associated with a positive meaning. People often choose to wear inspirational jewelry bracelets silver to boost their motivation and to provide themselves with optimism.

May we interest you in our sideways cross bracelet and our hamsa hand bracelets collection.

If you would like to know more about the meaning of hamsa hand and evil eye, read here.


Friendship Bracelets


Friendship is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing. For some, they want to solidify their friendship in a physical form, and this is where friendship bracelets come in.

Friendship bracelets are a beautiful way to symbolize the platonic bond between two friends, showing that you appreciate them for always being there for you.


Wear your BFF’s and your initials in matching Sterling Silver Love Heart Initial Bracelets or Sterling Silver Initial Bangle Bracelets, all available in 26 letters of the alphabet. Surely showcase your friendship with the initial that represents you and your friends.



Nothing says ‘friendship is forever’ like matching infinity bracelets.

When you and your best friend wear infinity bracelets together, you will be reminded that not even time and distance can ruin your friendship with one another. 

Looking for more friendship jewelry and great gifts for your friends? Browse our Gifts for Couples and Friends collection today. 


Couples Bracelets

Whether you dress down for casual events or dress up for formal events, sterling silver effortlessly complements any style. You and your partner can wear matching couples bracelets on events and parties you need to attend. You should get sterling silver bracelets if you want to enjoy a gorgeous accessory for an affordable price.

If you like matching couple bracelets with your significant other, or are just looking for a romantic gift idea, our Sterling Silver Lock Bracelet and Sterling Silver Heart Infinity Bracelets would makes the perfect matching bracelets! 



If your significant other is someone who likes wearing subtle but charming bracelets?

👈 This Classic Men Tag Sterling Silver Bracelet would look classy and stylish on their wrist.




Bracelets aren’t only a fashion statement, they are a way to commemorate milestones and relationships in our lives.

Looking for more beautiful and stylish silver bracelets? Check out Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver bracelet collection here.



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