Thanksgiving Jewelry Gifts Ideas For Family & Friends

Thanksgiving Jewelry Gifts Ideas For Family & Friends

After celebrating Halloween, everyone be anticipating for the next major holiday season that comes before Christmas - Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a family and friends celebration, when all come together for a  Thanksgiving dinner to give thanks for what they have. Which also makes giving presents on this occasion extra meaningful as could convey a very special meaning of thanks and gratitude to the people in your lives.

When is Thanksgiving Day?

Every year, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in November. This festive season also marks the opening of massive holiday shopping season. This is because the day after Thanksgiving, which known as Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days everyone been waiting for! 

And, we are extremely excited to announce that we are having our exclusive Early Black Friday Sales now, where you will enjoy up to 50% OFF storewide


Thanksgiving Gift Recommendations

If you are in a slump looking for a great gift for your loved ones, here are some of our popular suggestions of Thanksgiving jewelry gifts ideas you can give them for this perfect occasion. 

1. Initial Jewelry 

Initial jewelry is a wonderful way to spell out your gratitude and love you have for your friends, family and loved ones, adding a touch of character and personalization to their style.

Initial jewelry is a very versatile accessory and a perfect gift! Available in initial earrings, initial necklaces, initial ringsinitial bangle and even initial bracelets, there is no doubt that initial themed accessories will give its wearer a wider range of creativity on how they wish to style it.

Here at Eleganzia Jewelry, we recommend our Sterling Silver Initial Rings, a lovely piece that will make an outfit extra special.

2. Heart Jewelry

A universal and timeless symbol of love, heart jewelry is an iconic gift for the ones you love. Due to its popularity, heart jewelry is available in many designs and forms to choose from. From basic and minimalist to elegant and sophisticated, you’ll definitely find a piece that will worm its way into their heart.

If you’re searching for a gift for your mom, may we suggest to check out our Sterling Silver Mother Heart Necklace, a unique silver necklace that will fill her heart with love and affection from her child. She would surely appreciate this silver heart necklace and wear it all year round.

3. Cross Jewelry 

For those who are looking for more traditional presents for your loved ones, cross jewelry is a wonderful present choice for your thanksgiving gift. Similar to heart jewelry and initial jewelry, you can commonly find cross jewelry available in various designs and forms.

For those that love cross jewelry but want something that is fashionable and unique-looking, Eleganzia Jewelry’s Sterling Silver Faith Cross Necklace would be a meaningful and stylish gift idea to surprise the recipient of your present.

Thanksgiving is a special time for us to reminisce about cherished memories with our loved ones, and helps us look forward to making new memories with them. Eleganzia Jewelry features a wide selection of intricately gorgeous fine jewelry that will surely make thoughtful presents and many wonderful memories for years to come.

Browse our Gifts for Thanksgiving Collection today, and get a headstart for buying that special gift for your loved ones.

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