The Symbolism of Wearing Open Heart Jewelry

The Symbolism of Wearing Open Heart Jewelry

Heart jewelry is a universally beloved jewelry for people of all ages. You can come across various heart jewelry designs and they come in different forms, such as sterling silver heart earrings, heart infinity necklaces, and even sterling silver heart rings.

One of the heart jewelry designs that is taking the jewelry trend world by storm is the open heart jewelry. Open heart jewelry features a stylish, elegant and simplistic design that makes it a contemporary choice for many sterling silver jewelry lovers.

Today, we’re going to talk about the various meanings of wearing open heart jewelry and find out if there’s more to this unique heart jewelry than meets the eye.

What does Open Heart Jewelry mean?

When it comes to wearing open heart jewelry, there are various interpretations and significance to the person wearing it. 

A Universal Symbol of Love

Many people tend to associate open heart jewelry as a symbol of love and also a trendy and fresh look for wearing heart jewelry. One of the advantages open heart jewelry has to offer is its open heart design, one may come across people wearing open heart necklace pendants and even open heart earrings. 


Another meaning for open heart jewelry is that the open heart design represents feelings of empathy. When you wear an open heart necklace, it can mean you have a strong sense of compassion towards another person, such as someone who is going through troubling times and needs moral support. When you give someone an open heart necklace, it can be your way of expressing your compassion for the receiver.


A Fashion Statement

There are people who admire the aesthetic and design of open heart jewelry without looking into the meaning. Some people are drawn to the open heart design because of its present status as a stylish fashion statement.

Lucky Charm

Certain people like wearing open heart jewelry as a symbol of luck that provides motivation through troubling times. Some people even consider wearing their open heart necklace as a charm that wards them from bad luck.

Giving Open Heart Jewelry as Presents

Open heart jewelry pieces are attractive, unique and make thoughtful gifts to anyone you know and love.


For Your Significant Other

Open heart necklace pendants and open heart earrings are popularly and commonly given to someone you love romantically on special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries and even on Valentines’ Day. 



For Your Family

Another way to give open heart jewelry is by giving them to your loved ones like your family members. Open heart necklace pendants make ideal gifts to your mother as it shows that even if you’re apart, you will still think of and love one another. 



For Your Best Friend

You can also give an open heart necklace to your best friend as a way to express your appreciation for them in your life. 




For Yourself

Lastly, open heart jewelry can be worn with its own personal meaning that is significant to its wearer, such as a way to commemorate little milestones in love or as a reminder to love.



In conclude, open heart jewelry designs are popular as there are many interpretations that are meaningful to the person wearing them. The simplicity and sophistication of open heart jewelry are also rising in popularity due to it being an everyday jewelry option and it blends perfectly in any setting. 

You can wear open heart jewelry as a fashion statement and as a form of self-expression. Here at Eleganzia jewelry, we provide a wide selection of sterling silver heart jewelry that are gorgeous and perfect for yourself or for someone you love.


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