Top 6 Hottest Jewelry Trends To Try This Summer

Top 6 Hottest Jewelry Trends To Try This Summer

Summer is officially here! Get ready to spend time outdoors, unwind, relax, and catch up with all the latest jewelry trends. Want to know the hottest fashion trends for summer jewelry for women and men? Look no further as we will be diving into all the latest summer style jewelry trends that you need to know and will absolutely love.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs

Nature-inspired jewelry is all the rage these days, and they are certainly gaining its share of spotlight for this summer’s fashion trends.

If you’re looking for something new and stylish to wear, these elegant Feathered Leaf Drop Earrings are just for you. Feel the cool wind swaying in the breeze and rock your beach summer style with these radiant silver leaf earrings.

If you are someone who likes sea animals, our Whale Tail Silver Bangle would look radiant on you. This silver adjustable bangle bracelet features a sleek and elegant double ended whale tail design.

For more nature inspired jewelry designs, you can go to our Nature Inspired and Ocean Inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry collection for more beautiful jewelry: -



Another fabulous jewelry trend you absolutely need to try out for this summer is pearl jewelry. There is something that is both sophisticated and timeless about pearls. You can wear them at any age and they are perfect fashion accessories for anywhere. If you’re looking for chic fashion jewelry, pearls are just what you need to enhance your outfit for an elegant look.

Chain Link Necklaces

Link chain necklaces are another popular jewelry trend for this summer. Chain link necklaces are a whimsical yet subtle way to add a touch of style to your outfit. Whether it’s big bulky chain necklaces or dainty paper clips necklaces, there is without a doubt that chain necklaces are not going out of style anytime soon.

If you’re looking for new chain link necklaces to accessorize for the summer, our newly released sterling silver adjustable chain necklaces would be perfect for you. Made with 925 silver, these necklaces feature polo chains available in various lengths. These silver chain necklaces look exquisite when worn alone, paired with a necklace pendant, or even layered with your other necklaces for a sensational statement look.

You would be surprised to know that there are a lot of different chain types for necklaces. Learn more about them here: -

Lucky Charms and Talismanic Pendant Necklaces

Simple pendant necklaces are timeless jewelry staples that will never go out of style, so why not include some symbolic pieces to your collection? Whether it’s a hamsa hand necklace or dainty evil eye bracelet, pendant necklaces that feature talismanic and spiritual designs are taking a shine for this summer.

Everyone likes to carry a lucky charm with them, for instance, a 4 leaf clover is a symbol of good fortune. When you wear a clover leaf pendant necklace, you will be carrying a little luck with you wherever you go. With a detailed design and meaningful symbolism, you can't go wrong with this Four Leaf Clover Necklace.

For more symbolic and inspirational jewelry, feel free to browse our sterling silver spiritual jewelry collection.

Colorful Jewelry

Summer is the perfect time to adorn your body with colorful fashion accessories. Steer away from the traditional crystal-clear gemstone jewelry and add a splash of color to your summer style fashion with some vibrant hues for the occasion. Whether it’s enamel, beads or even gemstone jewelry, summer is the best time to highlight your features with a brilliant touch.

If you’re looking for something stylish and colorful for your summer wardrobe, our animal-inspired frog and snake sterling silver adjustable rings are just for you. These silver rings feature ruby red and pink cubic zirconia stones. Showcase your personality and your unique fashion sense with these animal inspired colorful cubic zirconia rings.


Butterfly Jewelry

Let your inner fashionista take flight with fashion butterfly jewelry for this summer. Butterflies are iconic and beautiful, they represent transformation and love. Whether it’s a silver butterfly necklace or even stylish silver butterfly anklets, there is no denying that adorning your body with butterfly jewelry is a magnificent way to make a whimsical fashion statement for the season.

If you’re looking for a head-turning silver statement ring for the summer, our brand new ‘Four Flying Butterfly Ring Silver Adjustable With CZ’ is exactly the butterfly jewelry ring you need to wow the crowd. This sterling silver adjustable ring features an elegant branch with four petite butterflies perched upon the ring. These butterflies are sprinkled with dainty cubic zirconia stones that would look dazzling around your fingers.

Whether you are planning to hit the beach or go to a pool party for the summer, with the right jewelry and accessories you will always be dressed to impress. From minimalist to intricate jewelry designs, Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver summer jewelry collection has just what you need to stay stylish and feel confident wherever your vacation brings you. So go ahead, stock up your summer staples with us today and enjoy your time off.

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