Top 8 Summer Jewelry Trends for 2021 You Would Love

Top 8 Summer Jewelry Trends for 2021 You Would Love

It’s finally summer - the best time to hit the beach or spend time outdoors like going camping. The best part about wearing summer jewelry is about experiencing an unforgettable summer and displaying your style in the perfect season. Whether it’s bright colors to ocean-inspired jewelry to even chunky bangle bracelets, here are some of the top summer jewelry trends for 2021 that you will fall in love with.

1. Ocean-Inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry

The sea is a natural match with summertime, which makes ocean-inspired jewelry a necessity when it comes to celebrating the summer of 2021. There are a lot of unique summer jewelry you can have fun accessorizing with, such as sea-themed designs like coral, dolphins, turtles and even fish. Here are some ocean-inspired summer jewelry you should check out to inspire and add a splash of color and style to your summer wardrobe. 

Anchor Sterling Silver Men Necklace

Perfect for guys who love venturing out to the sea, this Anchor Sterling Silver Mens Necklace is fitting for the special man in your life. This mens necklace features a sleek sterling silver chain and an anchor shaped charm with just a single cubic zirconia. It’s mysterious yet subtle enough to show off your adventurous side.



Plain Wave Sterling Silver Stackable Ring

For people who like wearing stack rings and going with the flow, this majestic Plain Wave Sterling Silver Stackable Rings will look elegant on your fingers. Ocean waves represent the ups and downs in life, and will give you the courage and strength to brave the storm.


2. Pearls

There is nothing classier than pearls to accent your summer jewelry wear. Pearls can add a subtle or statement-making style to your look when you pair these favorite timeless summer jewelry pieces with your summer wardrobe. 

Whether it’s a piece of pearl jewelry or combination of your favorite pearl with sterling silver jewelry, pearls are an easy way to give your look an elegant finishing touch.



3. Colorful Gemstones

Nothing adds a splash of color to your wardrobe by putting on colorful gemstones to your summer jewelry. Whether it’s turquoise, sapphires or even colorful crystals, these bright colors will give your look the vibrant and sparkly touch for a fun and fashionable summer.

So, getting bored of clear white cubic zirconia stone, put on our Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace that comes with purple AAA cubic zirconia stone. 



4. Rose Gold 

Rose gold features subtle pink tones that resemble a magical summer sunset, which makes it an excellent metal choice for a summer jewelry look. You can accessorize rose gold’s natural subtlety by pairing a rose gold ring with sterling silver stacking rings for an intricate and sophisticated stack rings look.




5. Beaded Jewelry

Whether you’re having a night out with your friends or celebrating the summer by going on a road trip, nothing completes your summer jewelry look like wearing beaded jewelry. Beads come in various colors, ranging from earthy and dull colors to bright and vibrant colors. You can choose bead jewelry to accessorize with any summer outfit. Beaded jewelry is a fun and elegant addition to complete a stylish summer look.



6. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are another timeless summer jewelry to wear because they are fun, playful and flexible. Whether it’s sterling silver hoop earrings or gold hoop earrings, you can’t help but agree that hoop earrings are the perfect summer jewelry earrings to compliment a modern and sophisticated evening look.




7. Sterling Silver Necklaces

The next jewelry staple that makes a timeless summer jewelry look is by wearing standalone or layering with statement sterling silver necklaces. Sterling silver pendant necklaces are fierce yet stylish, which makes them perfect for wearing to the beach for both men and women. 

Your silver necklace will tell a lot about you, as you will be expressing and inspiring fashion to anyone you meet. Furthermore, sterling silver necklaces can flatter any beach look you wear. 


8. Dainty Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

If you’re planning to hit the beach to show off your summer jewelry, but don’t want to lose any of your silver necklaces or silver bracelets. No worries, you can still look beach-ready with dainty rings instead. These simple rings combinations are minimalistic yet expressive, and there are a variety of ways you can wear your stackable rings sterling silver when you go out to the beach.

Here are a few sterling silver stack rings that might look great on you: -


CZ Sterling Silver Simple Stackable Rings

A sweet and bubbly addition to your summer jewelry stack ring set. Accented with cubic zirconias, this sterling silver CZ stackable ring will add a bit of sparkle to your overall look.




Men Rocker Biker Sterling Silver Ring

Stacking rings is also a popular jewelry trend among men as well. This polished Mens Rocker Biker Sterling Silver Ring would be the ideal silver ring for men with adventurous minds and love being out on the open road. 


As recap, summer is the perfect season for spending time under the sun, enjoying cool fruity drinks and wearing innovative sterling silver jewelry. You can also choose to wear fun summer jewelry that represents the beauty of summer while making worthwhile memories.

Browse our sterling silver jewelry pieces and find your new favorite summer jewelry for the season.


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