Top 8 Men's Accessories That Never Out of Style

Top 8 Men's Accessories That Never Out of Style

Men's jewelry is still a rather new concept to the modern fashion world. For many years, women were the ones who wore dangle earrings and pendant necklaces, therefore jewelry was always considered more feminine. This is why men would avoid wearing jewelry over the fear of being ridiculed.

Today, men's fashion is slowly dominating the fashion industry, with many accessories available to compliment their attires. To help you familiarize yourself with male accessories, we will be looking into some of the top 8 types of men’s jewelry. 


Another common choice in mens jewelry would be wearing bracelets. Mens silver bracelets are small and easy to accessorize with other sterling silver jewelry pieces. Not to mention, they pair nicely when you match your mens bracelets silver with a classy watch and a few silver rings. Bracelets are subtle yet sophisticated enough to help enhance your outfit without drawing too much attention.




Necklaces are a common choice in men’s jewelry as well, as they are easy to style with and finish your outfit. There are a lot of necklaces to choose from, ranging from silver chains necklaces to silver pendant necklaces. Necklaces are a fitting accessory to wear and compliment your outfit, and adds a touch of personality and life to a plain look.

For instance, a classic accessory combination is by pairing your silver necklace for men with a shirt and jeans for an effortless look. All it takes to upgrade your minimalistic outfit is by adorning a silver pendant necklace and combining them with a sleek watch or mens silver bracelet, and a few silver rings.




Traditionally, when one thinks of mens rings, the first thing that comes to mind is men’s wedding rings. However, jewelry rings can serve timeless decoration purposes for men too, just as long as you do not go overboard with wearing mens silver rings. It is ideal to wear 2 or 3 mens sterling silver rings, and go for a minimalist look rather than an extravagant one.




While wearing earrings have gained a larger popularity over recent years, men's earrings are perhaps one of the most difficult silver jewelry pieces for a man to pull off. Wearing silver earrings can draw a lot of attention from your face, especially if you are working in a professional environment. This is why one should check through the employee handbook for written rules of wearing jewelry in the office.




The simplest place to start when it comes to wearing mens jewelry is by wearing a watch. Watches are a popular and timeless choice in men’s jewelry, and serve as a symbol of status. Wearing a watch also helps you to tell time while looking classy at the same time. For any occasion, you can opt for wearing a leather strap watch. However, on formal events, it is ideal to wear a metal band watch.




Cufflinks are often saved for the most formal occasions, and one would require a dress shirt with French cuffs. Dress shirts with French cuffs look best when you pair them with a pair of classy cufflinks. Because cufflinks are worn rarely, it will make you eye-catching and stand out from the crowd when you sport them with a smart suit. Cufflinks are subtle yet add a touch of personality and class to your formal wear.



Lapel Pins

Similar to tie bars and cufflinks, lapel pins are a subtle yet minimalist accessory to add a finishing touch to any smart outfit. Lapel pins have a rich history as they are worn previously as a subtle way to display one’s loyalty. Today, they are available in various shapes, colors, and symbolism, and they function as decorative and collectable men’s jewelry.



Tie Bars

A tie bar is both a practical and classy addition to men’s jewelry. Besides being a stylish accessory, a tie bar helps to keep your tie in place to prevent it from slipping out of place. When wearing a tie bar, you should remember the proper placement and width of your tie. Ideally, the proper placement of wearing a tie bar is between the 3rd and 4th shirt button, whereas a proper width should be half the size of your tie.



When it comes to accessorizing with sterling silver jewelry, remember that less is more. Once you have understated the various types of men’s jewelry, it will enhance your outfit. Your goal is to compliment your look, not let your silver jewelry distract you.


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