What Does Your Jewelry Style Say About You

What Does Your Jewelry Style Say About You

First impressions always matter, and what you wear will reflect your style and your personality. Similar to your hairstyle and clothes, jewelry and accessories have a way of showing who you are as a person. Each person has their own unique sense of fashion, so keep reading if you are interested in finding out what your jewelry style says about you.

The Trendsetting Fashionista

If you’re someone who likes wearing bold statement jewelry, you are a trendsetter who doesn't mind experimenting with something different from the ordinary. Whether it’s a vintage style ring or a fashion forward jewelry piece, you are someone who stands out from the crowd instead of following the trends. Each accessory you wear is not only a piece of art, but they also speak to you and make a fashion statement.

The Social Butterfly

If large hoop earrings, colorful chunky necklaces and extravagant statement rings are your go-to jewelry choice, you are likely someone who is confident and the life of the party. You are not afraid to be different and appreciate the little things in life. You are someone who is confident enough to try something new and your jewelry style has a way of reflecting your cheerful personality. You are someone who brightens the day of everyone you meet on your way.

The Classical Beauty

If you are someone who gravitates towards simple quality jewelry, you are someone who is poised and radiates an aura of ageless sophistication. Whether it’s a sparkling pair of diamond stud earrings or a pearl necklace, you are someone with a traditional outlook in life and family-oriented.

The Sophisticated Professional

If pearls, gold and silver jewelry are your signature accessory pieces, you are someone who is most like a powerful business entrepreneur who knows their fashion and strength. You are someone who is organized and responsible, and the fact that you coordinate your stainless steel watch with your bracelets and necklaces is proof that you are a sophisticated professional.

While your jewelry choice may seem a little dull to others, you know where the true values lie and that choosing classic is always in style. And when you put on an outstanding jewelry piece on a rare occasion, you are dressed to dazzle and impress your coworkers with your knowledge and business skills.

The On-The-Go Stylist

If you are someone who needs an accessory or two to wear on the go, you are likely someone with a fast and active lifestyle. Whether you’re a working parent, a gym-goer or a busy person, you are someone who wants flexible jewelry pieces you can wear easily, like an adjustable bangle bracelet. You would want to look stylish without affecting what you enjoy doing, and you are someone who keeps up with and adapts to changes easily.

The Best of the Best

Whether it’s a pair of pearl drop earrings or a glamorous diamond tennis bracelet, you are someone who knows what you want and won’t settle for anything else. There is no room for average in your world. You are someone who lives life in the fast lane and cares a lot about what you choose to wear.

You are likely a hard worker who strives hard to achieve your goals. You tend to pay attention to all the details and be sure that the jewelry you choose will be a magnificent piece. You are the type of leader whom others can go to for advice and guidance.

Do you know that our silver jewelry does uses cubic zirconia stones instead of diamonds? It may looks shining and sparkles as diamonds but price is relatively low!

The Artistic Soul

If you are someone who gravitates towards unique and handmade jewelry (such as beads, recycled metals, or sea glass) instead of the fashion trends, you are an artistic soul who cares about the meaning that lies beneath the aesthetic beauty of things. You are a thoughtful person who cares for other people and nature, and what you wear reflects that.

You are likely someone who buys and wears sustainable nature-inspired jewelry made from local artists or businesses to support a cause. Each accessory you wear has a one-of-a-kind story that shows you appreciate qualities that are usually overlooked by others.

The Simple Minimalist

If minimalist jewelry is your signature accessory, you are someone with a true “passion for fashion” and believe that the true magic lies in the little details. You are likely someone who doesn’t like wearing extravagant jewelry and prefers opting for something simpler. Your jewelry choices are like your personality: subtle yet very charming. When picking an accessory to match your outfit, you will more likely go for a dainty silver chain necklace or a thin stackable ring to finish your look.

You are likely someone who is balanced and ahead of things, while being a thoughtful and empathic person. You are confident enough to know that simple things like a high quality watch and a pair of simple yet sparkly stud earrings can make a powerful impression. You radiate an aura of calmness and are an incredibly loyal person to your friends.

The Vintage Lover

For those who have an affinity towards antique and vintage jewelry pieces beyond their aesthetic nature, you are someone with a strong sense of personality. You are likely someone who is drawn towards the rich and unique history behind each jewelry, and are interested in heritage, cultures, customs and history. Your fashion style is as distinct as yourself: interesting, individualistic and having an extraordinary taste for things.

The Free-Spirited Rebel

If gothic themed accessories fashion like punk skull rings or grunge-inspired choker necklaces are your go-to jewelry, you are likely an edgy, eccentric and non-conforming rebel. Similar to your bold yet alternative fashion sense, you are someone who is authentic and a fearless person. Instead of following the norms and boundaries, you are someone who is daring to dream and a free spirit.

Regardless of which of these jewelry style personality types you are, there is more than one right kind of jewelry you should wear. Your choice of accessory fashion does so much more than polish your appearance, they have a way of showcasing your style and personality.

The important thing is to enjoy accessorizing your jewelry and always remember to stay true to yourself. If you’re looking to add some new jewelry to your wardrobe, browse our sterling silver jewelry collection at Eleganzia Jewelry.

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