5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Jewelry Organizer

5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Jewelry Organizer

If you have a sterling silver jewelry collection, then you know the importance of keeping all your silver jewelry pieces organized. There will certainly be drawbacks when it comes to owning unorganized silver jewelry, such as tangled silver necklace chains, damage silver rings or even missing silver earrings that makes you feeling frustrated when you are rushing to get dressed.

Investing in a jewelry organizer not only helps keep your jewelry pieces organized, but they also protect your silver jewelry and enhance their wearability in the long run. There are so many jewelry organizers to choose from, so it can be a tricky process of finding the right one for you.


Today, we will be looking into several tips you should know when choosing a jewelry organizer.

1. Who is the Jewelry Organizer for?

One of the first things you should consider when buying a jewelry organizer is who is it for? Are you planning to give this jewelry organizer to yourself, a child, or someone you know?

For instance, if you are getting a jewelry organizer for kid.

You should consider something that is colorful or even musical jewelry boxes. Children’s jewelry boxes would make lovely keepsakes and a great way to store precious sterling silver jewelry for many years to come. 



If you are someone who has a lot of sterling silver jewelry and requires practical storage for them, you can consider opting for stackable jewelry boxes. Stackable jewelry boxes contain trays that are stacked on one another, with various layouts on each tray and some with various compartments, allowing you to store various jewelry, such as your stackable rings, open heart necklaces, silver bracelets etc. 

2. Consider Your Jewelry Pieces

Another factor you should consider when picking a jewelry organizer is to know which space is best for storing your sterling silver jewelry. Which jewelry piece do you like to wear the most? Is it your silver rings? Your large necklace pendants? Or maybe your small stud earrings? 

Whatever it may be, take your jewelry collection into consideration when choosing a jewelry organizer. For instance, jewelry boxes come with several cubbies that are perfect for storing dainty jewelry like your sterling silver rings and small earrings; but they might not be ideal for storing large pendant necklaces.


Here are some tips you should take note of when looking through your current jewelry pieces: -

Silver Pendant Necklaces

Necklace pendants should be hung to keep them tangle-free, so you should consider jewelry organizers that feature hooks. You can opt for a mannequin dress stand if you have a few short choker necklaces.


Silver Bangles

Structured bracelets such as bangle bracelets require less separation, so you can just store them in a jewelry drawer or on a bracelet stand.



Silver Bracelets

For silver chains bracelets that get easily tangled, you should treat them like pendant necklaces and hang them or keep them in their own cubby.



Silver Pendants

Storing of pendants can be easy and tricky too. Why does we said so? This is because the pendant can be loosely stored without worrying of tangled; but there is a risk of damaging the jewelry surface when it comes to stacking of pendants in a bundle. Hence, it is wise to store them individually in the jewelry storage trays. 


Silver Jewelry Rings

When it comes to storing your jewelry rings, you should think about visibility. Your silver rings won’t tangle but you would still like to easily choose one. Which you could choose jewelry storage trays that could display your jewelry for accessibility and visibility. 


Silver Earrings

Earrings should always be in a pair, which is why jewelry boxes and jewelry trays fit perfectly for storing stud earrings. You can also consider using mesh earring holders to store your hook earrings.





 3. The Shape of the Jewelry Organizer

Another factor to consider when choosing jewelry organizers for your sterling silver jewelry is the shape of the jewelry organizer. 

The most popular shapes found for single-piece jewelry organizers such as jewelry box for necklaces feature oval, rectangular, square and even round designs. There are many more options of shapes to choose from as well, like diamond shape, heart-shaped or even seashell-themed jewelry organizers. 

However, you should know that the standard shaped jewelry organizers generally have more space than the unique-shaped ones.


4. The Material and Durability

Many jewelry organizers are made from various materials, ranging from plastic, fabric, wooden, glass, polymer clay and many more. The most important part of choosing your ideal jewelry organizer is to ensure that the material is safe and durable enough to store your sterling silver jewelry pieces. A lot of jewelry organizers feature various compartments and soft lining that is lint-free and helps prevent any possible abrasion to your silver jewelry. 



5. The Jewelry Organizer Size

Another factor you should consider is what is the ideal size of your jewelry organizer. Would you prefer to store your sterling silver jewelry individually or store them altogether? 

For instance: if you are storing several silver jewelry together, you should opt for a jewelry organizer that comes with sufficient space to store all jewelry pieces. 


If you own a lot of dainty jewelry such as silver stackable rings or small stud earrings, then perhaps you should consider a jewelry box with larger space and plenty of compartments. 




If you are someone who owns a lot of silver bracelets, long necklaces and short choker necklaces, try going for a jewelry organizer with an upright design to hang your silver necklaces like a jewelry stand. 


6. To Lock or Not to Lock?

If you are someone who prefers having your fine silver jewelry heavily guarded, you should opt for a jewelry box that comes with locks.

This is beneficial as it helps to add precaution against any young and curious children who might want to play dress-up with your sterling silver jewelry. Locks are also a good investment if you plan to carry your silver jewelry with you while travelling.




To conclude, jewelry organizers come in various shapes, styles, and types. Whether you already have a lot of sterling silver jewelry or own just a few pieces, jewelry organizers are a practical way for you to store and grow your sterling silver jewelry collection. 

Jewelry organizers make lovely gifts for any occasion and are perfect for people of all ages. They also make great presents for ourselves, and help us store our silver jewelry and keep them safe from damage and loss.

Read here for more details on which type of jewelry organizer should you get to store your favorite jewelry! 

👈 7 Types of Jewelry Storage Organizers You Need


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