7 Types of Jewelry Storage Organizers You Need

7 Types of Jewelry Storage Organizers You Need

Who doesn’t love wearing and collecting silver jewelry? Sterling silver jewelry is pretty, affordable and adds a sophisticated touch to our look. Using jewelry organizers is also a great way to build up your little treasure trove of beloved sterling silver jewelry and gold plated jewelry pieces.

When it comes to choosing and using jewelry organizers, there are a lot of jewelry storage options to choose from to help store and protect your sterling silver jewelry and other gold plated jewelry. Here are some of the most commonly used jewelry organizers to help you get started: -

1. Jewelry Box Organizer

Jewelry box is one of the most popular jewelry storage organizer, as they are compact, portable and come with various storage options. With a jewelry organizer box, you can separate your stackable rings and chain earrings, as well as organize and untangle your silver necklaces and bangle bracelets sets. 

Jewelry boxes are for anyone who loves wearing and collecting jewelry pieces, you can have a jewelry box for necklaces, a men’s jewelry box for mens jewelry like cufflinks and mens sterling silver bracelets. 


2. Jewelry Dish Trays

A jewelry dish tray essentially looks like a regular dish tray that is specifically used for storing your jewelry pieces, such as couples eternity rings, silver pendant necklaces and even cubic zirconia stud earrings. There are a variety of jewelry dish tray designs to choose from. 

Whether it’s simple or extravagant, jewelry dish trays are a swift and practical way for you to remove your sterling silver jewelry and place them by the tray beside your bed when you go to sleep at night.




3. Jewelry Storage Organizer Drawers

As its name suggests, jewelry box drawers are drawer cabinets that are suitable for storing large collections of silver jewelry. Jewelry storage drawers often feature various compartments where you can place your everyday rings, sterling silver bracelets, silver stud earrings and silver pendant necklaces. 

Using a jewelry drawer enables you to arrange your silver jewelry according to your liking. Jewelry drawers also make your styling process easier if you put matching sterling silver jewelry near each other.


4. Jewelry Stands

Jewelry stands are stands designated to display and store your sterling silver jewelry pieces. A jewelry stand features various designs, styles, shapes and sizes. Some jewelry stands are specifically meant for displaying and storing your tiny pendant necklaces and adjustable bracelets, while other jewelry stands are dedicated for holding jewelry rings and earrings.


5. Jewelry Travel Cases

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to leave your favorite sterling silver jewelry behind, which is why travel cases come in handy when you can bring along some of your silver jewelry for your vacation. Jewelry travel cases often feature several compartments to store your silver jewelry and it takes up little space, this ensures that your sterling silver jewelry will be organized and safe.


6. Jewelry Ring Holders

If you are someone who owns and wears a lot of sterling silver rings, it is a great idea to buy ring holders. Jewelry ring holders come in many shapes and forms, they can range from mannequin hands, cones, and even animals.

You can have your ring holders placed in different parts of your house, like by the bedpost where you can leave them before going to bed each night. Jewelry ring holders are a practical way for leaving your everyday rings in one place and also putting them on display. 




7. Wall Jewelry Holders

If you don't have enough space on your vanity stand for a stylish jewelry organizer, you can choose a jewelry holder that hangs on the wall instead. Wall jewelry holders are ideal for people who collect and wear a lot of long necklaces and short choker necklaces, since you can easily hang your sterling silver necklaces and pendant necklaces on the wall and quickly access them.


With so much variety of jewelry organizers to choose from, it can feel rather overwhelming to pick one. You should choose a jewelry organizer that can serve more than just a practical and safe place for your precious valuables. It is important to know that your jewelry organizer also serves as a subtle form of expressing yourself from the sterling silver jewelry you wear. The season of the time to go to beach with our beach jewelry too! 

Still don't get it why you need a jewelry organizer box? Read our article here for more details on the reason why you need them? What are the benefits that you can enjoy from owning yourself a jewelry storage organizer?

Enlighten yourself here 👉 The Reasons Why You Should Use A Jewelry Organizer


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