5 Tips On How To Style with Silver Jewelry This Winter

5 Tips On How To Style with Silver Jewelry This Winter

It’s finally winter, the season where temperature drops and wearing warmer clothes. It's no secret that most of us want to be warmly dressed for the weather. But one should also dress to express and impress.

If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration on styling trendy sterling silver jewelry, here are our top five styling tips on how you can ace accessorizing for this winter season.

1. Accessorize with Sterling Silver Statement Rings

Make an unforgettable and fashionable first impression this cool season with eye-catching sterling silver statement rings. Whether it's for your casual wear or a special occasion, a stylish statement ring sterling silver or pairing it with some of your favorite dainty rings stackable is what you need to give your outfit the bling it needs.

Take our Fishbone Silver Ring for instance. This ocean-inspired sterling silver ring features a unique fish bone motif and is adorned with dainty cubic zirconia gemstones. Wear this statement ring to display your love for the ocean and make a bold fashion statement.

Not sure how to find your ring size?

Don’t worry, check out our guide here on how to measure your ring size as well as our ring size chart to ease you look for your perfect ring with us! 

 2. Add a Personalized Touch

Never underestimate the power of fashion accessories jewelry. Accessorizing with jewelry is a creative way to express one's personality without saying a word. Personalized jewelry such as initial jewelry and zodiac jewelry is a unique way to represent yourself. With initial jewelry, you can mix and match them to complement your personal fashion style swiftly.

Try showcasing your personality and individuality with our initial jewelry today! Browse our Initial Jewelry collection here, ranging from letter necklace, letter bracelet and bangle, letter earrings and letter adjustable rings!

3. Experiment with Charms and Pendants

Layering with chain necklaces is a stylish way to accessorize adored by many, but polished sterling silver pendants are also taking their shine in the spotlight this winter season.

If you’re going for a subtle yet fashionable way to elevate and enhance your style for this season, you can try accenting silver charms and necklace pendants to your necklaces silver chains or silver chains bracelet for a trendy look.

Looking for beautiful and trendy sterling silver pendants? Browse our necklace pendants collection here



4. Layer Your Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have made a recent comeback as a beloved choice in the jewelry world. When you wear the right choker necklace, it can transform your everyday look into a sophisticated and astounding one.

When it comes to styling with choker necklaces, you can wear them standalone or layer them with your other beautiful necklaces of different lengths for an elegant and stylish look.

If you’re unfamiliar with choosing a necklace length that is perfect for yourself, check out our helpful guide in choosing the perfect beautiful necklaces here with the choice of length you desire.

5. Style with Sterling Silver Earrings

Putting on a pair of stylish earrings can pair excellently with any dress code and flatter your look. While fall and winter seasons require you to wear warmer and heavy weathers, accessorizing with sterling silver earrings is a fantastic way to enhance your look for the cool seasons.

Take our CZ Open Heart Earrings for example, these trendy and sparkly heart-inspired sterling silver drop earrings are dainty yet sophisticated enough to accentuate your outfit and an absolutely fabulous must-have for this season.

If you’re someone who loves the mysterious night sky, you can also try out our glamorous CZ Falling Star Jewelry Silver Dangle Earrings. These celestial earrings are appropriate for any occasion and will leave a bit of glittery stardust with you wherever you go.

Looking for more gorgeous silver earrings?

Why not head to our Sterling Silver Earrings jewelry collection today and find your new bling.

Sterling silver jewelry is always an exquisite finishing touch for your winter wardrobe. With the right accessory fashion, you can express and impress effortlessly. If you are looking for some new silver jewelry to add into your jewelry collection this winter, visit Eleganzia Jewelry today, and discover stylish and contemporary sterling silver jewelry that will showcase your inner beauty.


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