How to Measure Ring Size For Flawless Fit

How to Measure Ring Size For Flawless Fit

Rings are magnificent and unique jewelry pieces, often used to commemorate something memorable or as a milestone in relationships. Jewelry rings have long served as a decorative accessory to the body, as well as a symbol of displaying one’s authority, relationship commitment and social status. There are a lot of rings jewelry to choose from and made of various materials, such as gold rings, silver rings, sterling silver rings, cubic zirconia rings, and many more.

Whether it’s for romantic purposes like promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, to simplistic fashionable accessories like stackable rings, minimalist rings or signet rings, jewelry rings are always fitting to wear on occasions. If you are new to ring choosing or if you’re looking to get a ring for yourself or someone you know. Here are a few things you should know beforehand: -

It is important to know your own ring size before selecting the ring band and other ring pieces. Not knowing ring size is a common issue people face when choosing a ring for themselves for the first time or when buying a ring for someone else. It is important to know your partner’s ring size if you are planning a special present for a romantic occasion.

 Even if you are just buying fine rings for yourself, it is vital to know your own ring size. If you got a ring that is the wrong size, the ring would be too tight or too loose around your fingers. 

 If you are still unsure of how to measure your ring size, don’t worry. Today we will be looking through several methods on how to measure your ring size. Read on and find out our tips on measuring an accurate ring size.

Three Important Factors to consider when determining your ring size

There are a number of environmental factors that can affect your ring size. Your current temperature and diet in your environment can influence your results. Other personal factors may play a role in affecting your everyday ring sizes as well, such as lifestyles and pregnancy.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when measuring your ring size: -

1. International Ring Size

If you're in the United States or Canada, your ring sizes may range from size 3 to size 14. These ring sizes are available in half and quarter sizes. However, your country may have a different ring sizing system depending on where you are.

Because different countries utilize various ring size scales, numbered sizes may differ. For instance, countries like the UK and Australia implement an alphabetical letter system when sizing their rings.

2. Your Finger Shape

Depending on your finger shape, the size and fit of your ring may differ. For instance, if you have a tapered finger shape, your ring may fit the tightest around the base. On the other hand, if the ring slides up swiftly, they can fall off easily as well. This means that tapered fingers need rings with a tighter fit.

If you have a big-knuckled finger, your finger may be tighter around the middle knuckle. You may need to get sizing beads so that the ring stays comfortable around your finger. These are add-ons that you put at the bottom of your ring. Add-ons help to keep your ring in place and are easy to remove.


3. The Band Width of Finger

Experts find that rings with slimmer bands are often too loose, whereas rings with thicker bands can have a more comfortable fit. More metal means more space will be occupying your finger.

If rings of the same size come with different thickness, it can explain why not all rings fit the same. If you are looking for a thin ring or dainty rings for women, you may need to look for a smaller ring size. In which, the band width for men and women is always different. 


Five Ways to Measure Your Ring Size

If you are planning to surprise someone with a designer ring, it can be tricky to guess their ring size accurately. Women ring sizes can range between size 3 to size 9; whereas mens ring sizes can differ between size 6 to size 13. Size 6 is the most popular ring size for womens rings, whereas size 9 is the most popular ring size for mens rings.

Let’s into some ways you can utilize in determining your ring size: -

1. Paper, String and Ruler

One of the simplest ways you guess your ring size is by getting a string or paper and a ruler. You can use one of the measurement tools and wrap it around your finger. Next, use a pen to mark where the end meets your string or paper. Use the millimetre side of the ruler to measure the string or paper. And there you have it, your own ring size.

2. Use a Ring Sizer 

You can consider getting your own plastic ring sizer to use at home while consulting a ring size chart if the in-person option isn't practical. You can use a printed ring size chart to determine the closest measurement of your finger. If you have a knotted finger, it is ideal to measure both your knuckles and your finger base.

Once you have determined the measurement of both knuckles and finger base, it is easier to determine the size that fits between them. You should also keep in mind that the fingers on your dominant hand tend to be bigger.


3. Use Another Ring

If you already have a ring that fits you well, you can use that everyday ring as a guide. Use a ruler to determine the diameter of your ring, and place the ring you own and press it against a ruler.

Take note of the measurement of the ring’s inner diameter with the ruler. Consulting a ring sizing guide is a great way to find the matching diameter of a ring. It is also a wonderful way to determine a ring size if you are planning to get a couples ring for someone else.

4. How to accurately guess someone else’s ring size?

It’s a common practice to involve your partner if you’re in a relationship and planning to take the next step by getting your partner a simple engagement ring or a matching couples rings. However, many couples tend to prefer keeping the element of surprise before popping the big question. One of the best ways to find out your partner’s ring size is by asking their friends.

Another alternative is getting your hands on a ring your partner already wears as their old ring would be a size that already fits them. If you are in a rush, you can always put on their ring on your own finger and see where their ring fits, and then go consult a jeweler.

If you are still unsure, it is better to get an oversized ring as a placeholder engagement ring, as it is better to give your partner a ring that fits their finger during the proposal. Besides, you can always resize the ring later on.


5. How to resize a ring?

If you have ever gotten the wrong ring size, you can always consult a jeweler for guidance. A professional jeweler can resize engagement rings in at least 2 sizes, either up or down. However, if you resize more than the two size limit, it can affect the ring’s quality if your engagement ring is a jewels ring.

You may require a custom band if you size the ring down too small or up too large. Avoid getting an eternity wedding band for women if you don't know her exact ring size. Eternity ring bands tend to be difficult to resize, especially if they are ornamented with jewels like a crystal band ring or an emerald cut eternity band. The most a jeweler can do is resize only a quarter size down or up for the ring band.


Now that you have read this article, you now gained the knowledge of determining your ring size. Whether the ring jewelry is meant for you, your partner, or someone you know, you can now find out the ring size with ease. Looking for some great jewelry rings for someone you know? Checkout some of our jewelry pieces in Eleganzia Jewelry and find your new favorite sparkly ring today.

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