Health Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Health Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Have you ever wonder that the jewelry you have been wearing all the time be bringing you any benefit or create harms to your skin or body?

It is believed and scientifically proven that different metals will affect differently towards our mood, skin and health condition. Frankly, one tends to be happier by putting on a quality piece of favorite jewelry; instead of wearing a piece of bad quality jewelry that caused allergies. Hence, it is important to choose the correct jewelry.

When it comes to selection of jewelry, sterling silver is the top pick of all, due to the comparison in price, value and appearance between sterling silver with other metal types. The affordability and health benefits of silver have extend beyond other metals.

What are the benefits of silver for your health?

1. Powerful antimicrobial agent

The properties of silver are identified to be powerful antimicrobial agent and have been used in antibiotics and sterilization purpose. It has been discovered to have lesser caused allergies after consistently wearing silver jewelry and assist in infection, cold and flu prevention. The positively charged silver ions with the antimicrobial effect fight against harmful bacteria, fungi and certain viruses which present with negatively charged oxygen receptors, in order to prevent bacterial infections and maintain healthy immunity. With the consideration of the medical devices and tools are manufactured out of silver, it is proven that silver is safe to be in contact with external infections and wounds by supporting in wound healing. 

2. Healing

It has been scientifically proven by Dr. Robert O. Becker, that silver ions have the ability to rebuild tissues of infected wounds. It has shown the ability to increase the elasticity of blood vessels that helps in bone formation and body healing such as stimulates skin maintenance and repair. Besides, the research team from University of Southampton has verified that silver is used in making the silver ring splint for controlling hyperextension deformation of finger joints. The silver ring helps in reducing the pain, keeping away from the possibility of contracting chronic conditions. This is due to the properties of silver that provides durability, stability and support for the patients who suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

3. Facilitates regulation and circulation of internal body heat

As everyone tends to experience body overheating due to the person's body produce or absorbs more heat than it dissipates, the high electrical and thermal conductivity properties of silver performs better in transferring heat out of the body to achieve cooling effect. By wearing a piece of silver jewelry, it helps to regulate your body temperature and improve your blood circulation as it may triggers your body to absorb the nutrients required and boost immunity.

4. Balance energy

The natural properties of silver are able to counterbalance the effect of external electrical disturbances that are harmful to the body and manage the energy level presence in your body. This is due to the positively-charged silver ions are able to create a conductive field that reflects the electromagnetic radiation away from your body. By means, your silver jewelry will shield you against negative and harmful vibe by improving your mood and energy level, bringing your mind back to focus.

5. Toxicity prevention

Silver is rich in non-toxic properties, making it a wonderful indicator in detecting the toxicity in your skin and body. The color transformation, one of the properties of silver helps us to avoid the potentially toxic substances. For example, if your silver jewelry turns blue when you have been wearing it for too long, it may indicates the presence of high sodium levels in your body! When your silver jewelry turns blue, this reminds you to reduce eating salty snacks. If your silver jewelry has turned black, it has indicated the possibility of in contact with toxic chemicals. 

The wearing of silver jewelry helps to assess your body condition, as the change of silver jewelry color after some times of wearing reflects the toxicity or oils of your skin that influenced by your daily habit or the atmosphere in the surrounding. It could be derived from type of food consumed, alcohol consumption or medication influence. 

How to acquire the health benefits of silver by wearing them?

Upon wearing silver jewelry, it will be having direct contact with your skin. In which, the health benefits of silver mentioned earlier will provide support and wound healing properties to the skin by assist in blood circulation and internal heat regulation. Although silver jewelry may be insufficient to provide a form of protected shield to all the body parts antimicrobial properties, it could still perform as an indicator to identify the possible toxic chemicals that you accidently in contact with. Besides, it is also capable to shield and reflects electromagnetic radiation and negative energy that may disrupt you body energy and mood without you realizing. 

When to wear silver jewelry?

Under the circumstances of skin being highly exposed to environment that contains both bacteria and extensive electronic radiation, it is recommended that wearing silver jewelry will improve your healing powers and immunity level against existing bacteria and minimize the radiation.

How to choose the right silver jewelry?

Select silver jewelry that fits to your personality, style and less bulky for ultimate comfort while enjoy the numerous health benefits that come with your selected piece. Sterling silver jewelry comes in variety of designs and styles that definitely suit you who are minimalist or extravagant, vintage lover or modernistic fashion lover. If you have doubts in shopping for necklace lengths or ring size, you could also refer to our guides: Five Ways to Choose Perfect Necklace Size & Ring Size Guide

How to take care of the silver jewelry?

Frequent cleanup and proper storage is also required to keep the silver jewelry to be in best wearable condition. You will be wandering, how to clean sterling silver jewelry? Here are the simple steps to make sure your silver jewelry are in tip-top conditions. 




For more details on how to clean your silver jewelry, kindly refer to our Sterling Silver Jewelry Care Tips

Who to avoid silver jewelry?

However, there might be small percentage of people who may not suitable for silver. They may suffer from skin irritation or allergy with flaky, red skin on the surface that came in contact with the silver jewelry. Read here to know why they face skin irritation when wearing sterling silver jewelry. 

Now, with all the health benefits we have been sharing above, we hope that we have clear your doubts and dilemma in getting a silver jewelry. We sincerely hope that your mind and body be healthy and beautiful all the time, just like our silver jewelry. You can always enjoy all the mentioned health benefits and being fashionable by selecting silver jewelry from us.

As all pieces of jewelry sold in Eleganzia Jewelry are made with genuine .925 sterling silver, handcrafted with love and promising you with premium quality. Choose to wear our silver jewelry from our range of sterling silver jewelry!


Getting a perfect piece of silver jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone else has a whole new meaning now. It is no longer solely depend onto the design selection but also to pay attention onto the materials where you and them could benefit from. Hereby, Eleganzia Jewelry has promised to produce premium quality sterling silver jewelry with affordable price, making these handcrafted masterpieces available for everyone.

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