5 Wondrous Winter-Proof Ways to Protect Your Jewelry

5 Wondrous Winter-Proof Ways to Protect Your Jewelry

As the days get shorter and the weather grows colder, bundling up is important but your jewelry can get lost in the layers. Necklaces and bracelets can get tangled or snag on your clothes; while your rings can get lost in long sleeves and gloves.

It can be challenging to care for your accessories while looking stylish all season long. With that being said, here are 5 ways on how you can protect your jewelry and accessories this winter.

Travel with Care

Winter can be a busy time to travel, especially with the impending holiday season. If you plan on traveling by flight, you could either wear your jewelry or keep it in your carry-on bag or purse. Be sure to always have your ring with you. Alternatively, you could store your accessories in a travel jewelry case to keep them safe and organized.

Be wary of pickpockets and thieves when you travel, as they are more likely to target tourists unfamiliar with their surroundings. If you're planning to travel with jewelry, it is best to keep all your expensive gems at home. Instead, stick with something simpler so you won't draw any unwanted attention.

For more tips on traveling with jewelry, read our guide here on how you can keep your jewelry safe.

Secure It with a Ring Guard

Fingers are prone to shrinking in chilly weather, thus affecting your ring fitting. This means your rings may slip off more easily than during summer. To prevent your rings from slipping away from your fingertips, you should secure them with a ring guard.

Ring guards (otherwise known as ring adjusters) are clear plastic that are easily hidden and comfortable to wear. Whether your ring is slightly oversized and you don’t want to resize it, or you want to make sure your ring still fits well during the cooler months, a ring guard is a fantastic way to ensure your rings stay on your finger where it's meant to be.

Bling-Free Outdoor Activities

Winter is a truly fascinating and alluring season. It is also the best time for many outdoor activities, such as skiing or snowboarding or even traveling to sunny beaches. As fun as these outdoor plans sound, they may be harmful to your beautiful jewelry pieces.

From your favorite jewelry falling off the steep ski slopes to getting scratches on your rings from snowball fights, all these activities may cause accidental damage to your precious pieces. While you can’t miss out on all the cool and entertaining activities, it is better for your jewelry to be left alone.

Always remove your accessories before heading out in the snow or store them someplace safe like a jewelry box. That way, you can protect your accessories from any accidental loss or damage. Remember, removing your jewelry is better than regretting later over losing them.

Rings and Gloves Don’t Go Together

When outfitting for the winter, keep in mind how your hand accessories can affect your ring. Mittens and gloves are extremely cozy to wear and will keep your hands warm, it is ideal to remove your rings when wearing gloves. This is because your ring prongs can snag inside the gloves and the gemstone settings will become loose and fall out.

Maintenance for A Brighter Shine

Last but not least, this one applies to all year round, but you should always keep your rings clean. Like any other jewelry piece, your rings are prone to collect dust and grime over time. To prevent your accessories from tarnishing, it’s important to clean them regularly so that they will always shine brightly. Ideally, you should clean your jewelry once a month.

For more cleaning tips, read our guides here on how you can restore your rings and other jewelry pieces to its shimmering glory.

Winter is a magical time: the chilly weather, the cozy sweaters, the warm fireplace. We want to ensure that all your jewelry pieces stay pristine every season. Therefore, it is important to keep your accessories clean, watch out for snags, and remove them when necessary. Keep these care tips in mind and your jewelry will shine bright for many seasons to come.

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