6 Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

6 Types of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

Accessorizing is all about choices. You can look amazing while also being practical when you choose the right jewelry. Jewelry and accessories are a classic way of expressing yourself. Whether you prefer minimalist styles or dramatic details, there is a jewelry piece that suits your every need.

For many women, her jewelry collection is perhaps one of the most essential staples of her wardrobe. Fashion accessories can be worn with almost any outfit and feature elegant designs that will never go out of style. With that being said, let’s look into the six types of jewelry every woman should have: -

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are a remarkable jewelry choice that will never go out of style. These small earrings are comfortable to wear no matter how old you are. Simple yet sophisticated, a pair of stud earrings are the perfect flexible accessory fashion you can accent with anything you wear on any occasion. The best part about wearing stud earrings is that there are many styles for you to try out, ranging from minimalist designs to intricate bejeweled detailing.


Pearls are another iconic jewelry trend that transcends time no matter how old you are. Pearls have a special way of adding an aura of sophistication to anything you wear and complement your look. Whether it’s a pair of pearl drop earrings or pearl necklaces, this graceful gemstone will make your style pop.

Long Necklace Chains

Simple as it may be, sometimes wearing a long necklace chain can make a fantastic fashion statement. From office wear to special events, a long sterling silver chain necklace can effortlessly elevate your appearance.

Available in various lengths, weights and metals, chain necklaces have a way of adding interest and texture to any outfit you’re wearing. For a more modern look, you can accent a shorter and dainty silver necklace chain with a longer and chunkier chain necklace or with a necklace pendant.

Read here to find out more on how you can choose silver necklace chains for your pendants.

A Watch

Stylish yet practical, watches are another fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. Whether it's casual everyday wear or a posh formal outfit, a simple watch has an impactful way of accenting and adding an aura of elegance to a person’s attire. Not to mention, pairing your watch with some bracelets will create an eye-catching look.


Sometimes the simplest of outfits can shine even brighter when you put on a bracelet. While most watches make a statement on their own, it doesn’t hurt to add a silver bracelet or two on your wrist for a stunning look. Whether it’s a chunky silver link bracelet, a gemstone-ornamented charm bracelet, or even a slim silver chain bracelet, this wrist accessory will reflect your sense of style and character.

Dainty Stacking Rings

Last but not least, every fashionista should have at least one ring in their jewelry collection. If you are not a fan of wearing large statement rings, you can never go wrong with a dainty stackable ring. Stacking rings are a popular fashion trend that will enhance your overall look. The idea is layering a few thin rings on top of one another on your fingers to create a glamorous appearance.

If you’re still new to wearing stackable rings, you can start small with one or two minimalist rings. Once you have gained more confidence and found your own signature style, you can always add more than one stackable ring to your collection. There is something satisfying when you curate your own ring stack.


Overall, jewelry and accessories have a way of boosting your appearance and highlighting your fashion sense. Each woman has her own unique sense of style, and their jewelry collection should reflect not only how they look but their personality as well. If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry for the special women in your life, browse our sterling silver jewelry collection at Eleganzia Jewelry today.

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