7 Jewelry Styling Tips to Unleash Your Summer Glow

7 Jewelry Styling Tips to Unleash Your Summer Glow

As the sun starts to shine brighter and the days stretch longer, it’s time to update your fashion wardrobe with all the latest jewelry trends for this summer. From layered necklaces to hoop earrings, these gorgeous jewelry pieces are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Get ready to upgrade your summer style with our jewelry styling tips: -

Beaded Brilliance

When it comes to accessorizing for the summer, beads are a staple you should never miss out on. From necklaces to bracelets, these beaded jewelry and accessories are a nostalgic blast from the past. Inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, beads are sure to make a whimsical yet luxurious fashion statement to your overall attire.

Celestial Chic

Be the Star of your own summer story with celestial motifs. Jewelry that features solar, lunar and celestial designs are set to be one of the highlights of this season. These celestial inspired fashion accessories will remind you of the warm sunny days and bright night skies during the summer months.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous pendant necklace to take your summer wardrobe to new heights, try on this stunning Falling Star Necklace Link Chain Silver Lariat Necklace. This silver necklace features a cubic zirconia bejeweled star-shaped necklace pendant laying over a mixed link necklace chain in lariat setting. This star necklace will remind you to always reach for the stars and never let anything dull your sparkles.

Tropical Treasures

Nothing says ‘summer time’ like hitting the beach. Whether it’s seashells, marine animals, or even ocean waves, adorning yourself with symbols of the sea is a fantastic way to accessorize this summer. Carry the beach vibes with you wherever you go that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Pair your ocean-themed jewelry and accessories with your swimsuit or even a summer outfit for a spectacular finishing touch.

Hoop Dynamics

Hoop earrings are a classic summer jewelry that will never go out of fashion. Make a statement this summer by putting on a pair of hoop earrings. If you prefer a more minimalist look, you can opt for a simpler pair of huggies earrings that will fit your lobes snugly. For those who prefer a dynamic fashion statement, try on a pair of oversized or textured hoop earrings to accentuate your face shape and give you a softer look.

Style Your Signature Stack

When it comes to wearing rings, ‘Less is More’ is the way to go. This summer, minimalistic stackable rings are taking the front stage. From delicate stackable bands to gemstone bejeweled thin rings, these sleek rings are taking over your summer trend. The key is to stack these rings up for a modern and signature look fitting for any occasion.

If you’re new to stacking rings, you can just stick to one design. When you’re ready to venture out to daring new styles, try mixing and matching stack rings of different metals and textures. You can also wear rings on your pinky finger for a stylish vibe like none other.

Bangle Bliss

Bangles have reigned the runways for the past few seasons, summer is no exception to put on these flexible fashion forward bracelets. Bangle bracelets have a playful vibe and have a way of sending a message of your individuality. By layering your silver bangles together, you can create a sculptural form that reflects bits of who you are.

Layering Luxes

Necklaces can be as dainty or bold as you want them to be, which makes them one of the most important bases for any jewelry collection. Combine your layered necklaces with your summer attire to create an effortlessly captivating ensemble. You can always start small with just a few silver chain necklaces to highlight your neckline.

Our sophisticated adjustable Polo silver chains are just what you need to add a touch of character and style to your outfit. From shining chain necklaces to extravagant pendant necklaces, layering different necklaces of weights and lengths will add dimension to your look.

Summer is the best time to accessorize your usual outfits. It’s the perfect time to kick back and enjoy the outdoors, and bring a whimsical vibe to your daily fashion with summer jewelry meant to make a statement. So go ahead and explore all the jewelry styling tips mentioned above, and let your accessories be an extension of your unique personality.

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