8 Spring Jewelry Tips to Bloom Your Style

8 Spring Jewelry Tips to Bloom Your Style

Spring is all about new beginnings, the flowers blooming and mother nature coming back to life. If you are looking for inspiration to accessorize your jewelry for this season, here are our spring jewelry styling tips: -

Make it Personal

From your favorite initial letters to your zodiac sign to even your birthstone, one of the best ways to express your style is by adding a personalized touch to your attire. Try accessorizing personalized jewelry to complement your spring wardrobe. For instance, if you are someone who likes wearing your favorite letters loud and proud, an initial necklace is just what you need to spruce up your fashion sense.

Simplicity is the Key

If you are someone who is not fond of wearing too much bling, you can never go wrong with keeping things simple. Minimalist jewelry is another fashion trend that will not go out of style, and what better time to wear them than this spring? There is something that is so elegant about incorporating low-key accessory fashion to match your spring wardrobe. These minimalist style jewelry can range from stud earrings to a dainty chain necklace, and will enhance your fashion sense easily.

Arm Candy

This spring, it’s time to bring all attention to your hands and make waves for the arm candy…bangles. Bangle bracelets are a fun and fashion forward way for you to adorn your wrists. Wearing just a single bangle bracelet (with or without charms or bejeweled gemstones) can effortlessly change your entire look. You can also mix and match your bangle bracelets with other chain bracelets or wear some stacking rings over your fingers for that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Put a (Bold) Ring on It

When it comes to wearing rings this spring, the bigger the better. Statement rings are all the rage this season. There is something so alluring about large gemstones set in large rings that emphasizes your outfit.

CZ Double Loop Ring

If you are looking for a stunning statement ring to go with your spring wardrobe, try on our CZ Double Loop Ring Silver Adjustable. This beautiful ring features a double loop setting embellished with sparkling cubic zirconia stones over an adjustable sterling silver ring band. This silver adjustable ring is just what you need to showcase your sparkles.

All Eyes on The Pendant Necklace

Necklaces are one of the most beloved fashion trends in the jewelry world. From delicate silver chain necklaces to extravagant pendants, a pendant necklace is a classical choice for many of us. You can wear your pendant necklace standalone or layer with other necklaces for a trendy look.

Your pendant necklace is the main focal point of your attire. A dainty pendant necklace makes a subtle yet radiant finishing touch while a bolder pendant necklace makes a more eye-catching fashion statement. There are a few things you should know before buying your necklace pendant. Learn how to choose pendants for your necklaces here.

Color Power

Colors have an impactful way of evoking emotions. For instance, pink evokes feelings of kindness and playfulness. While red represents passion and life. For this spring, don’t be afraid to add some colors into your life to your wardrobe. The monochromatic tone of silver jewelry pairs excellently with any color you wear, and jewelry with colorful gemstone settings also help to enhance your beauty.


 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet


Chase away the winter blues with our Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet. Blue is the color of serenity, inspiration and wisdom. This beautiful bracelet features sleek silver link bracelet chains and a blue-colored Evil Eye glazed glass bead as its bracelet charm. This silver chain bracelet not only makes a stylish finishing touch, but it also doubles as a lucky charm to ward away misfortune.

Let Your Stud Earrings Do the Talking

Stud earrings are always in fashion no matter how old you are. These small earrings are a swift way to flatter your outfit of the day and help to showcase your personality as well. For those who like modern jewelry could try on a pair of silver stud earrings for a unique and sophisticated look. The metallic tones of silver stud earrings can help you frame your facial features and look fantastic at the same time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals

If you want to step out of your accessorizing comfort zone this season, you can try mixing metals for a personal and stylish look. Clashing metals is a bit daring but extremely flexible for mixing and matching different jewelry metals for a chic finishing touch. For instance, you can wear gold and sterling silver stackable rings together on the same hand for a carefully curated fashion statement.

Spring is the most beautiful season and a marvelous time to encourage individuals to experiment with new styles. Jewelry is always the best finishing touch for your spring wardrobe, the right accessory can enhance your appearances no matter the occasion. If you are looking for more jewelry inspiration to bloom your style, read this guide and find out what jewelry and accessories are trending this spring.

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