A Deep Dive Into Symbolism of Butterfly Jewelry

A Deep Dive Into Symbolism of Butterfly Jewelry

Butterflies and their ethereal beauty have been fascinating humans for hundreds of years. Arts and cultures from all around the world depict butterflies with their gorgeous, colorful wings as a sign of nature’s natural beauty. Thus, butterflies are a common motif in silver jewelry designs from all around the world. Today, let us dive into the symbolism of butterfly jewelry and why people are obsessed with it.

Change for the Better

Butterflies weren’t always beautiful creatures we see fluttering about in the sky. They started out as caterpillars, a worm-like insect, and underwent metamorphosis to transform itself into a butterfly. People from all around the world love symbolism, and butterflies along with metamorphosis were the perfect representation for change.

Butterflies tell us that we can transform our lives, reminding us that we can reinvent ourselves and believe in the power of change. Putting on butterfly earrings will inspire you to become a better version of yourself and inspire you to change for the better.

Sterling silver butterfly earrings give off an illusion of butterflies flying around you, framing your face and enhancing your beauty. Check out our various sparkling butterfly earrings designs, where you will find our Dazzling Butterfly Dangle Earrings, CZ Open Wings Butterfly Earrings and CZ Butterfly Earrings. With strategically placed cubic zirconia gemstones, these stylish drop earrings give you graceful movements with just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication.

For those that prefer a less sparkly, yet elegant look, Eleganzia Jewelry’s Classic Butterfly Dangling Earrings are just what you need.

Romantic Feelings

Ever heard of the expression, “butterflies in the stomach”? The swoony sensations coupled with a racing heart and inability to focus?

“Butterflies in the stomach” is a poetic way to describe the nervous feeling, especially when it involves a romantic interest. For some, it’s a way to say that you’ve fallen in love at first sight. Thus, making butterfly jewelry the perfect gift for a person you have a crush on or your significant other, letting them know they make your heart flutter.

Sterling silver necklaces make romantic gifts for relationships as necklaces are worn close to the heart. Why not consider Eleganzia Jewelry’s .925 sterling silver butterfly necklace pendants collection?

Our CZ Butterfly Necklace and our CZ Open Wings Butterfly Necklace is a classic pendant necklace that will give off just enough sparkles to make your significant other feel special.

While our Dazzling Layered Butterfly Necklace gives off an air of elegance with its layered look. For those that prefer a minimalist and less flashy look, our Classic Butterfly Necklace and Simple CZ Butterfly Necklace are just what you’re looking for.


In nature, butterflies have to break out of their chrysalis to spread their wings for the first time. Some species even spend years inside a chrysalis just to break out at the right time. As such, butterflies are often a symbol of hope and to never give up when facing life struggles.

Some people wear butterfly jewelry as a reminder that they have to hang in there and never give up to achieve success. Combined with the elegance of butterfly jewelry, it makes for a stylish look that anyone can pull off.

Sterling silver rings and sterling silver bracelets with butterfly motifs are the perfect fit for those that want to keep inspirational jewelry in constant view for the motivation and push to never give up. All you have to do is lift your hand up to take a look for that inspirational boost.

Check out our butterfly rings: Classic design, Chic stylish design and Unique design. When you put these sterling silver butterfly rings on, it looks as if a butterfly landed on your finger, which is a sign of good luck.

Our sterling silver butterfly bracelets and sterling silver butterfly anklets are stylish accessories that add so much more to an outfit. Have a look at our Classic Butterfly Bracelet, a simple yet elegant jewelry piece. But if you’re looking for something eye-catching with a brilliant shimmer, our CZ Butterfly Bracelet, Dazzling Butterfly Bracelet, CZ Open Wings Butterfly Bracelet and Layered CZ Butterfly Ankle Bracelet are just what you need.

For more nature-inspired jewelry, visit our collection HERE

If you’re looking for guides to measure jewelry for a flawless fit, we have jewelry guides on how to measure ring size and how to measure bracelet size on our blog.



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