How to Look Spooktacular with 6 Halloween Spirit Jewelry

How to Look Spooktacular with 6 Halloween Spirit Jewelry

Ah Halloween, the perfect time of the year to decorate your house with pumpkin carvings and spooky decorations. Whether you’re going out trick or treating or staying in at home, you can never be overdressed for Halloween.

If you’re in a slump at deciding your last-minute costume for this festive season, here are our six spook-tacular costume ideas and jewelry styling tips to help you get started.

Sea Siren

If you’re someone with an affinity for the sea, transform yourself into a terrifying yet beautiful sea siren for this Halloween. According to old sailor legends, sirens are known to use their melodious singing to lure sailors to their deaths.

Add a dark twist to the benevolent mermaid look with a few gothic ocean-themed fashion accessories to fin-ish your look. For a mysterious yet fin-tastic aura, put on our fishbone jewelry to complete your siren fashion style.

If you prefer to dress up as a mermaid for this Halloween, read this guide here on what jewelry you should wear.

Be-Witch-ing Besties

If you’re planning to dress and match with your friends, you could all go as a coven of witches for a much needed Ghouls Night Out? All you need is a black dress, a point witch hat, and a broomstick to go. Still thinking your witch costume would use some dazzle? Adorn yourself with celestial-inspired star and moon jewelry as your finishing touch.

If you prefer wearing necklaces with your Halloween costume, try on our celestial-inspired Silver Crescent Moon Necklace and Sterling Silver Star Necklace for a look that is out of this world.

Not a fan of wearing pendant necklaces? That’s fine, we’ve got a whole Celestial Jewelry collection for you to find something that would suit you and your coven.


Medusa the gorgon is one of the most iconic monsters in Greek mythology. She is known for her beauty and her ability to turn men into stone with one piercing gaze. For this look, you will need a Greek-inspired dress, a snake wig, serpent-like makeup and simple sandals.

Of course, you can also wear jewelry and accessories that feature serpent motifs to pay homage to the gorgon’s signature snake hair. Decorate your fingers with our sterling silver snake adjustable rings for a stylish finishing touch.

Rebellious Biker

If you prefer an edgy costume for this Halloween, why not go as a rebellious biker? All you need is to sport an all-black attire. Think dark leather jacket, denim jeans, and black boots. If you have a pair of cool and dark sunglasses, wear them!

Believe it or not, bikers don’t love to wear jewelry that represents their freedom, like chain necklaces, rings and bracelets. You can also put on simple stud earrings if you like wearing ear jewelry.

Complete your attire with our Rocker Bikers Silver Rings For Men and Men's Rocker Bikers Sterling Silver Bracelet. This sterling chain bracelet and silver ring have a bold design that adds a whole new level of edge for a rugged appearance.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is an infamous (and feared) character from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. With a golden crown, red roses, and a heart-motif royal gown (go for a gown that is red, black, white and yellow), transform yourself to the terrifying queen. You will surely be breaking (or stealing) hearts wherever you go.

For accessories, adorn yourself with some heart jewelry to sell the Queen of Hearts look. From heart earrings to heart pendant necklaces, our sterling silver heart jewelry collection has just what you need for a romantic (or heartbreaking) fashion statement.


If you prefer a throwback look for this Halloween, you could dress up as a hippie as a callback to the 70s and unleash your inner flower child. The best part is you’d probably have all you need in your wardrobe.

When it comes to acing the groovy look, think tie dye clothes, bell bottom pants, flower headbands, fringed blouses, tinted sunglasses, and the iconic peace sign pendant necklace! If you want to add a few accessories to your outfit, you can never go wrong with mixing and matching your stackable rings or layering your bracelets!

Leaf Drop Earrings

Candy and costumes are a big deal on Halloween, so it’s time to unleash your spooky stylish spirit! What better way to complement your costume for this festive season like some extra jewelry and accessories? Browse our Halloween jewelry collection today and find something fa-boo-lous to match your spooky fashion.

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