Top 5 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Jewelry

Top 5 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your Jewelry

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season of spooks by dressing up in costumes and putting on stylish sterling silver jewelry? Even if you might not be into dressing up extravagantly, you can still put on your favorite silver jewelry for the occasion.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with your Halloween shopping, here are a few suggestions of Halloween costumes you can go for as well as some sterling silver jewelry styling tips for you to accessorize with.

Ahoy There, Sailor

Get ready to set sail for the sea, fellow sailors. If you have a strong passion for the sea, you can add a subtle touch of style with a sailor look.

You can simply pair a navy-and-white themed sailor costume on that creates a look that spells out “ships ahoy”. When going as a sailor for your Halloween costume, what better finishing touch than a sailor-inspired anchor-themed silver necklace? It’s dainty yet stylish enough for a ship-shaped aesthetic.



Make Waves for the Mermaid

If you have always had a fascination for the ocean and merfolk, why not dress up as a mermaid for a spooky splash?

Spice up your attire when you style yourself in mermaid costume by adding a hint of mysterious with our Hamsa Hand jewelry series! 



For a fin-ishing touch for your ocean-ready look, you can accessorize with ocean-inspired jewelry like our sterling silver wave ring.

Nothing adds a splash of style to your look like wearing stacking rings and bracelets that consist of sparkly gemstones like cubic zirconia. Find out more on our different styles of wave rings here!


If you are not a fan of wave rings, you can browse for other designs that may caught your attention here too! 👉

Also, don't forget to learn how to style with stacking rings for a stylish look and avoid being overly style here


Extra point:

You can also put on these ocean-inspired whale tail sterling silver earrings or fish tag bracelet (coming soon) for a subtle yet fin-tastic look. You can also layer your silver necklaces for an effortless and glamorous look to profess your love for the deep sea.


Mystical Fortune Teller

If you are going for a fortune teller look, don on a long skirt, a draped long top of dark colors, and a headpiece. You can also get ready a deck of tarot cards or a crystal ball to sell the mysterious vibe.

For jewelry styling, you could try on a pair of silver dangling earrings, layering with some silver chain necklaces and stacking your silver bracelets for a bold statement look.



We would definitely recommend you our selection of Hamsa Hand jewelry and Evil Eye sterling silver jewelry that surely complement your fortune teller outfit perfectly. 🛒 Shop here👉

Not sure on the Hamsa Hand meaning or Evil Eye meaning? Head over to our article to know more 👉 The Meaning of Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Jewelry

Devoted Priest and Nun

Lift your spirits and add a religious touch to the season of spookiness by dressing up as nuns and priests. You can just don on your favorite silver cross necklace for a subtle yet fitting finishing touch.


Not a fan for cross necklace? Browse our full series of cross jewelry collection here

Action-Ready Men in Black

If you and someone you know both love action movies with superspies as your theme, you can opt for a cool yet mysterious matching Men in Black costume. All you need is a smart trouser suit, a pair of sunglasses, a classy watch or complete your look with a rocker biker bracelet.




For jewelry styling, you should go for subtle jewelry that does not draw too much attention from your look. For instance, you can try on a pair of silver stud earrings, a sleek silver men’s bracelet for a subtle yet stylish finishing touch for an action-ready look.


Halloween is the perfect season to go big when it comes to dressing up and putting on your sparkling fashion jewelry. It can be a hassle to decorate and prepare for the occasion. But with the right accessory and costume, you are ready to take on the season of spookiness in style.

If you’re looking for some stylish silver jewelry to pair with your Halloween costume, Eleganzia Jewelry provides a selection of sterling silver jewelry that may suit your style.


With that being said, Eleganzia Jewelry wishes everyone a very fa-boo-lous happy Halloween.


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