Seven Stylish Tips on How to Wear Stackable Rings

Seven Stylish Tips on How to Wear Stackable Rings

Jewelry rings have always been an effective way to add a personalized touch to any outfit. While jewelry rings are small in size, they are a timeless statement jewelry piece for everyone. One of the most popular trends that have taken the fashion world by storm would be the stacking ring trend.

What are Stackable Rings?

Stacking rings are essentially thin rings that can be worn on top of each other and this creates a stacking effect. Stacking rings are commonly known as stackable rings, stack rings and stacker rings. 

Why are Stacking Rings Trending?

Similar to the necklace layering and stackable bracelet trends, stacking rings is growing to be quite a popular fashion trend among today’s generation. Wearing stackable rings is a way to express your sense of style through your love towards dainty rings.

Another reason why stacking rings is widely popular among women is that stacked rings are used to honor a milestone or occasion in their life.

For instance, simple wedding rings embody the representation of marriage, reminding of the love vows that they have exchanged. A simple classic engagement ring could have recorded the beginning of new chapter in life, which is step into marriage life that bound with mutual commitments. Besides, there are many more moments that are worth remembering in life, such as every celebrative festive seasons and romantic milestones achieved together. Wearing a symbolic everyday ring makes a meaningful daily reminder of your life that you have been loved and loving someone special.

The Technique of Stacking Rings

If you are looking for new ways to improve your stacking rings game, read on as we look into these six stylish ways to accessorize with stackable rings: -

1. Personalize Your Look

The stack rings you choose should reflect your personality and style. Rather than going for jewelry ring styles that you think others will like, you should choose the sterling silver stackable ring styles that stand out to you.

CZ Stackable Rings

Stacker rings hold so much personality, so it is important to choose stack rings that can express yourself well. There are simple stackable rings or sparkling cz stackable rings for you to choose to style yourself with sophisticated or classic fashionable look. 

Take our CZ Beaded Sterling Silver Stackable Rings for example, this sterling silver stackable ring combines the stunning cubic zirconia gemstones with polished bubbly beaded texture to create a perfect stylish silver ring. This CZ ring silver gives your finger a splash of color through reflection from light that will enhance your look, adorn your personality while staying true to the trendy appeal all stack rings have.

CZ Beaded Stackable Rings

2. Make Statements and Heads Turn

For a sensational stack ring set, go for a sophisticated look with our collection of stackable rings silver. Make your own statement with the most unique sterling silver ring styles, shapes and designs that perfectly showcase your personality through stacking them as one. 

Crown Sterling Silver Stackable Rings

For example, to show the classy and elegance style of yours, complement your daily look with our sterling silver stackable rings of crown rings and other simple stacking rings. Stack using silver rings provide a uniform style and using of crown rings provides a stylish geometric effect. Start the stack with a sparkling crown ring with a silver band ring for an impressive finish. Alternatively, try pairing two or more silver stackable rings together on your finger to have an elevated look that is both regal and chic.

 3. Cubic Zirconia Rings Work with Any Stackable Rings Set

Cubic zirconia rings able to provide extra hints of sparkles and elegance to the ordinary silver ring, which further enhanced the wearer's fashion style.

Our cubic zirconia eternity rings come with a continuous and sparkling line of cubic zirconia paved around the ring band. Our CZ eternity ring is perfect as stackable rings set because they fit side by side and are easy to pair with any other stacker ring style. That is why our eternity ring makes the perfect stacking ring that matches well with any types of ring, including your wedding ring. 

Spiral CZ Simple Wedding Rings

4. Think Outside the Box

Traditionally, we would wear everyday rings on our middle and ring fingers. The stacking ring trend gives wearing jewelry rings a whole new purpose as you can do something extraordinary with these dainty rings. For instance, you can wear a beautiful CZ ring on your index finger and another small ring around your pinky finger. If you like wearing silver rings around your thumb, that’s perfectly fine too.

Usually, the silver wedding band is recommended to go on first on the ring finger before the silver engagement ring that will be stacked on top. It is also suggested to wear your dainty engagement ring on your middle finger and your wedding band around your ring finger. To be extraordinary, you could opt to stack your silver rings on any desired finger with your engagement rings, promise rings and wedding rings. Putting on the right stack rings on these any fingers can help you create a style that is uniquely creative and fashionable.

5. Wear One Metal for a Refined Look

Stackable rings are for anyone and can be worn on any occasion. The key to making stacker rings look more refined is sticking to one kind of metal. This makes the jewelry rings seem more like a set. A single dominant color is more calming to look at than mixed metals.

You can also make your hand look more polished by stacking rings on fewer fingers. This creates clear focal points that are less overwhelming to the eye. It is advisable to stack rings on two fingers and balance it with a single silver ring on the third finger.

6. Mixing and Matching Metals

When done properly, mixing stackable rings of different metals, color palettes and/or designs can create a perfectly gorgeous look. You don’t have to go overboard with accessorizing with stackable rings on your fingers, you can start simple by wearing a sterling silver stackable ring alongside a golden ring.

Sterling silver makes the perfect universal match with any other types of metals for a fashionable and trendy look. Our silver stackable rings have a rather delicate nature, which is why mixing metals in stack rings won’t come off as a clash of colors. They are also make the perfect sterling silver stackable rings that showcase the different personality of yours through the mix and match of several designs silver jewelry. 

7. Mesmerize with Midi Rings

Midi rings are essentially jewelry rings that rest between your fingers just below your lower knuckle. Midi rings sterling silver look fashionable, intriguing, and also provide a fashionable touch to your stackable rings set. You can  combine your favorite statement ring with a silver band ring around your finger for a bold and lovely effect. If you think that your stacking ring looks a bit over-the-top, try wearing a knuckle ring or a midi ring on your middle finger as a subtle way to tone down and provide a little edge to your style.

It is crucial to find the right ring size before purchasing, so you should take the accurate ring size measurement. If you are uncertain on the size upon measuring and you couldn't try the ring on the spot, it is recommended to get an adjustable ring instead. You could also go for our Silver Initial Ring that comes in adjustable size. You could size it as your midi ring or wear as normal band based on your preference and styles while shows your personality.

Stacking rings is more than wearing an assortment of sparkly rings, it’s a way of expressing your individuality. Whether you are wearing multiple stack rings on many fingers or wearing all your dainty rings on one finger, you will be making a brilliant statement through jewelry rings. 

Stack rings are also a wonderful present to give a loved one to commemorate a special occasion. Check out our sterling silver stackable rings and discover your new perfect stylish stack rings today.

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