Top Jewelry Trends You Will Love in 2024

Top Jewelry Trends You Will Love in 2024

The fashion and jewelry world is constantly evolving. In 2024, we are witnessing brand-new jewelry trends that impact the fashion world. If you're a jewelry lover, then you have reason to expect the newest trends in this field. That said, here are 7 of the most popular jewelry trends you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Crafted to Perfection

Both machine-made and handcrafted jewelry have their unique traits, but the 2024 trends bring more emphasis towards handmade jewelry. Meticulously crafted by artisans with attention to detail, handmade jewelry has a more individualized touch that machine-made jewelry doesn’t have.

Pin It, Flaunt It

A few seasons ago, this accessory would have been considered tacky and old-fashioned. 2024 is the year brooches are making their comeback and back in popular demand. Available in various designs to choose from, brooches appeal to everyone’s fashion sense. Whether it’s a well-tailored suit or a knitted sweater, the right brooch will transform anything you wear into a more sophisticated ensemble.

Dangling Dreams

Statement earrings (especially hoop earrings) have been trending for years now, but dangle and drop earrings are going to be front and center this year. Dangles and drop earrings have a timeless and alluring aura, these dangly earrings are just what you need to highlight your face shape. While these fashion-forward earrings are usually reserved for special events, dangling earrings can still be worn in daily settings.

Layers of Luxury

Stackable rings have been and will remain popular for years, but statement-making multi-row rings are set to take center stage this year. As its name implies, multi-row rings are one ring that features multiple bands and resembles a ring stack in a single design. Multi-row ring designs can range from sleek and subtle to bold and chunky, making them the perfect accessory for expressing your style.

If you like wearing rings that are elegant but would also like to keep it simple, our CZ Three Layer Coil Wrap Ring would look sophisticated on your finger. Paved with cubic zirconia stones, this multi-row ring gives the illusion of wearing several dainty stackable rings.

Minimal Jewelry, Maximum Style

Minimalist jewelry was one of the 2023 fashion highlights, thanks to its simplicity and practicality. This year, we will be seeing more and more simple jewelry with graceful silhouettes. Expect accessories like small stud earrings and dainty ‘barely-there’ stackable rings to be one of the year's biggest trends.

Link By Link, Chic By Chic

Chain necklaces are the bare essentials for any jewelry collection. Elegant and undeniably stylish, necklace chains are captivating for their versatility and can complement anything in your wardrobe. Chunky chain jewelry will be trending in 2024, from bracelets to necklaces. A single necklace chain can be a dynamic piece on its own and highlight your necklace. On the other hand, layering multiple necklace chains at once can create depth and drama.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Each era leaves behind a legacy and is often revisited by fashionistas with a touch of nostalgia. This year, jewelry trends are taking inspiration from previous decades, combining vintage designs with contemporary craftsmanship. From bold geometric jewelry designs of the Art Deco era to 90s-inspired baubles, these fashion eras are memorable and aesthetically attractive.

Revisiting nostalgic jewelry trends appeals to the sentimental older and younger generations to blend past trends into modern style. You can learn more about the 90s and Y2K jewelry trends here.

In the dynamic realm of fashion, understanding trends is the first step of curating your own fashion sense. From individualized craftsmanship to bejeweled brooches, 2024 promises to be a fantastic year for many jewelry lovers. For more beautiful accessories, browse our sterling silver jewelry collection and find the right accessory to complete your style today.

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