The Truth About Hamsa Hand & Evil Eye & How To Wear

The Truth About Hamsa Hand & Evil Eye & How To Wear

About the Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol that has existed in many cultures for generations. Sometimes, it is known as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam and the Hand of the Goddess. The Hamsa Hand has many meanings attached to it throughout the ages, but all cultures that use it share a universal meaning: it is a universal symbol of protection from evil.

About the Evil Eye

Traditionally, the Evil Eye is known as a gaze of jealousy that will bring bad luck to someone it is directed at. However, the Evil Eye necklace charm can be used as a talisman or amulet to ward off or reflect the gazes of jealousy and harm that’s directed at you.

Learn more about the meaning behind the Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye necklace here.


The Meaning of Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Jewelry


Our new Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye jewelry series

Regal Evil Eye Jewelry Series

An evil eye jewelry with a modern twist. This jewelry series features paved cubic zirconia stones around the evil eye charm with silver pointed eye lashes and a black cubic zirconia stone as the centerpiece to complete the look. You could also choose to wear our evil eye necklace that comes with blue glass bead, giving you sparkles and something chic. These evil eye necklace and evil eye bracelet give off a regal and sophisticated vibe, perfect for formal events and dinners.


Regal Evil Eye Necklace CZ Evil Eye Necklace Sterling Silver With Blue Evil Eye Bead

Regal Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye with Cross Jewelry Series

For those that prefer double the protection, this evil eye necklace and bracelet can shield you from negative energy and evil gazes. Featuring an evil eye necklace charm paved with cubic zirconia stones along with a black cubic zirconia stone as the centerpiece, this sterling silver bracelet and sterling silver necklace can add a hint of dazzle to your daily outfit. 

CZ Evil Eye Necklace With Sterling Silver Cross Charm

Black Cubic Zirconia Hamsa Hand Jewelry Series

This gorgeous hamsa hand sterling silver pendant necklace and sterling silver bracelet features an open Hamsa Hand charm that is adorned with cubic zirconia stones. The black cubic zirconia in the center completes the jewelry pendant and charm, giving it a more elegant, mature vibe. 

Black CZ Evil Eye Necklace Black CZ Evil Eye Bracelet

Blue Evil Eye Jewelry Series

This blue sterling silver evil eye necklace and bracelet is just what you need for warding off and reflecting negativity and harm that’s directed at you. The blue evil eye glazed glass bead charm is surrounded by embedded cubic zirconia stones, making it look spectacular and extra stunning.

Blue Evil Eye Necklace Hamsa Hand Blue Evil Eye Necklace

Why wear spiritual jewelry?

Spiritual jewelry is often worn as a token of protection for someone that wants a good luck charm or a reminder of hope in their journey in life. For Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye jewelry, it is often worn as a protection charm to keep evil and jealous gazes away.


Evil Eye Bracelet Third Eye Bracelet


If you’re looking for more spiritual jewelry to your wardrobe, browse our sterling silver spiritual jewelry collection today. From cross necklaces to hamsa hand evil eye necklace, Eleganzia Jewelry has just what you need.

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Horseshoe Necklace


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