6 Jewelry Shopping Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Online

6 Jewelry Shopping Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Online

Thanks to the internet, you can get anything online: groceries, clothes, and even fine jewelry! There is without a doubt that there are numerous advantages that come with jewelry shopping online from a direct to consumer supplier.

When shopping online, you would notice and be overwhelmed by the variety available. This might cause you to feel uncertain about spending money without seeing or trying on the jewelry piece.

Today, we will be looking into some of top online jewelry shopping mistakes one can make and some necessary precautions on how to prevent yourself from being scammed online: -

Forget to Do Your Research

One of the biggest shopping mistakes you can make when online jewelry shopping is doing little to no research. Whether it’s the price, finishing or even quality of the jewelry, it is crucial to do your research before heading to the checkout center. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing low quality jewelry that isn’t worth the deal.

For instance, if you’re looking to buy sterling silver jewelry, you need to check that the online jewelry store is selling genuine 925 silver jewelry or is it silver-plated jewelry. There’s a difference between the two: one is a hypoallergenic jewelry metal, while the other one could give you an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin.

Choosing Jewelry of the Wrong Sizes

Another big shopping mistake you can make when buying silver jewelry online is guessing or choosing the wrong sizes. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a pendant necklace or even a silver chain bracelet, there is no doubt that buying jewelry of the wrong sizes will lead to many inconveniences.

Therefore, you should always double check the sizing for the jewelry you intend to buy before heading to the checkout counter. If you’re not quite sure on how to choose the right sizing for your fine jewelry, you can read our guides here that available for necklace length, ring size and bracelet size:- 



Ignore the “About Us” Page

One of the first things you are bound to notice when you are in any webpage is the "About Us” page. However, the "About Us'' section is often overlooked by online shoppers in favor of the visually appealing jewelry pieces on display on the website pages.

However, it is unwise to ignore reading the "About Us" page as it helps shoppers to better understand the jewelry business as a whole. Not to mention, it also helps you familiarize yourself with the jewelry deals and know what the store has to offer for you.

Not Asking for Help

Online shopping may sound like fun but doing all your shopping alone can be a mistake, especially if you don’t ask for help. When you’re going through various online jewelry stores, it is important for you to check and communicate with the customer service.

There are incidents where people end up choosing jewelry stores online with bad customer service and end up with what they didn’t have in mind. To prevent these common jewelry shopping mistakes from happening, you should look for an online jewelry store with friendly and helpful customer service who will help and guide you through various types of jewelry.

Buying on Impulse

When you’re buying jewelry online, it can be easy to buy something you like without thinking it through. This could often lead to choosing the wrong jewelry or even overspending your initial budget. Therefore, it is important for shoppers to ask for help (such as the customer service) or do some research on what products they are looking for before purchase.

Still unsure of what you prefer? Why not check out our jewelry blog to help familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks on wearing and choosing jewelry and accessories.

Be Swayed by the Low Prices and Lucrative Discounts

When it comes to buying jewelry shopping, there are moments where you are tempted to shop immediately with the big discounts and massive sales offered by the online stores. For instance, certain jewelry shops may sell jewelry pieces with subtle defects at much lower prices than the initial price.

While these sales and lucrative discounts may seem tempting and too good to be true, but you should not be easily swayed or else you could fall victim to fraud goods. Therefore, you should be observant when a deal may seem too tempting.

Once you have kept these online jewelry shopping tips in mind, you are sure to have a better shopping experience and make fewer shopping mistakes in the future. It is also a plus point if you find a reputable and genuine jewelry seller to purchase from, like Eleganzia Jewelry, we are the manufacturer itself and also direct-selling the quality silver jewelry to you. If you’re keen on adding a few new jewelry pieces to your collection, Eleganzia Jewelry provides a range of sterling silver jewelry that may suit you.


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