Must-Have Silver Jewelry In Your Capsule Jewelry Collection

Must-Have Silver Jewelry In Your Capsule Jewelry Collection

Flexible and fashionable, a jewelry capsule is a minimalist way for you to embrace your fashion style and integrate them to the jewelry pieces you wear everyday.

If you love to style with your accessories and jewelry, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything to start a capsule collection. You can still have room to organize your accessories, while getting to keep and wear your favorite jewelry.

Not quite sure where to get started? Don’t worry. Here are our top picks of the must-have jewelry pieces for your minimalist capsule jewelry collection.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are perhaps one of the most beloved jewelry pieces and a must-have for any jewelry collection. Small yet significant, stud earrings play an important role in upgrading your fashion style.

Timeless and easy to wear, there is no denying that a pair of stud earrings complements any outfit. Whether you’re dressed for a fancy event or dressed casually, you can effortlessly transform your style into a subtle yet elegant one with stud earrings.

If you prefer a sparkly touch to your look, you can always try on cubic zirconia stud earrings for a dazzling finish.

If you are someone who prefers keeping it subtle, then you can opt for sleek and dainty sterling silver bar stud earrings for a more minimalist look.

From dainty sterling silver studs to glamorous cubic zirconia stud earrings, there is something that will complement your style preference. For more minimalist stylish earrings studs, check out our sterling silver stud earrings collection HERE.

A Watch

A timeless accessory to your minimalist jewelry capsule that will never go out of style. Investing in a sleek and elegant timepiece can last for a long time. Not to mention a watch looks stylish yet professional when you wear it standalone or layered with bracelets.

A two-tone metal watch is the most adaptable when it comes to accessorizing and complementing everything you wear. A watch with adjustable straps allows you to change the look of your watch at any time.

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are another jewelry you must include in your capsule collection. Stacking rings are thin rings that can be worn individually or worn on top of one another for a layered look.

Delicate rings for a statement stack, you are sure to impress and express yourself when you wear your stackable rings. The best part about choosing stackable rings? The possibilities are endless on how you want to wear them, and you get a one-of-a-kind personalized look that expresses your fashion style.

Want a different look every day? Start looking at Eleganzia Jewelry’s sterling silver stacking rings! Change your jewelry to fit your style on a whim, whenever and wherever you want.

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces

While layered jewelry necklaces are a popular fashion trend, sometimes wearing a simple sterling silver pendant necklace is what you need to complement your look. Silver pendant necklaces are the most flexible yet minimalist addition to your capsule jewelry collection.

Wearing pendant necklaces is a stylish way for you to adorn your neck, they look fantastic with any necklace jewelry. Whether you’re wearing a plain t-shirt or a formal wear, a silver necklace can effortlessly match and enhance any look.

If you’re not quite sure on how to measure your necklace length for a perfect fit, don’t worry! We have prepared this guide that will help you out. Click HERE to read it now!

For more beautiful necklaces, check out our sterling silver pendant necklaces for more style inspiration.

Beautiful Silver Bracelets

Bracelets are another must-have addition to your capsule collection. When it comes to selecting bracelets for your jewelry collection, there’s no wrong going with silver bracelets. Simple yet elegant, silver bracelets are timeless and flexible fashion accessories that elevate your style on any occasion.

Ranging from chain bracelets to bangle bracelets, you are sure to find something that reflects your fashion and lifestyle. Browse our sterling silver bracelets collection today

If you’re not certain if bracelets jewelry are your style, you can learn more about sterling silver bracelets HERE

Dangle Earrings

Suitable for formal occasions and evening outs, you can add some extra glamor to your look with a pair of statement-making dangle earrings. A simple way to switch up your look, dangle earrings have a way of alluding a tone of elegance and playfulness.

Take our ‘Bar Dangling Earrings’ for instance. This stunning pair of sterling silver bar earrings dangle features a dainty cubic zirconia, giving you graceful movement with just the right amount of sparkle and sophistication.

Browse our sterling silver dangling earrings today and find something that reflects your fashion style:

The key to having a capsule jewelry collection is to incorporate fashion accessories that can be worn frequently and interchangeably. Once you have a solid foundation of jewelry pieces for your capsule jewelry collection, you will then be ready to start introducing new jewelry and accessories into your jewelry capsule.


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